Strawberries with Real Milk

Strawberries with Real Milk

Rolf lived his whole life for his TV-show. He's neglected the people close to him year after year; he never seemed to have any time left over for his wife, his kids or his friends. One day ...

Rolf lived his whole life for his TV-show. He's neglected the people close to him year after year; he never seemed to have any time left over for his wife, his kids or his friends. One day ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian E (br) wrote: "Veronica Mars" is an engaging thriller which successfully utilizes its mystery tone and generates suspense in a way that rises from beginning to end, while being led by a strong protagonist portrayed by a charming performance from Kristen Bell.

Joe I (mx) wrote: I LOVE this film. It just captures a realism of NY young people that you don't really see in movies. The girl is a carbon copy of someone I know.

Shivana M (nl) wrote: The score for this movie was PHENOMENAL. While it wasn't very realistic, the music did a great deal in terms of pulling it out of the rut it would have been in if left to story line alone.

Tim M (nl) wrote: [size=3]I've been duped! I guess it's partly my fault for not being familiar with Mormon terminology. But still the deception is insulting and inexcusable. OK, so, being a born-again Christian man, I am always looking for a good Christian movie to watch. (I find that there are not many of them) I come across this movie 'States of Grace' and read about how it is a 'contemporary Christian drama', 'Christian cinema', 'Christian-themed' film. The only hint that it is a Mormon movie is the word 'missionary', which I didn't know was a hint until after I watched it.[/size][size=3] [/size][size=3]For those many people who don't know it, there are MAJOR differences between Christianity and Mormonism.[/size][size=3][/size] [size=3]What a disappointment to sit down to watch a 'Christian' movie and be subjected to over 2 hours of MORMON RECRUITMENT VIDEO! Yes, I watched the whole thing out of curiosity about whether there was any redeeming value to it. (after all, I did pay almost 4 bucks to rent the thing) Anyway, as for redeeming value..., not so much. Instead I was bombarded with images of people reading the Book of Mormon as if they were studying the Bible, many various attempts to make the viewer believe that Mormonism and Christianity are the same, and generally trying to make Mormonism look attractive.[/size][size=3][/size] [size=3]Aside from all that the movie was boring, too long, and in my opinion poorly done. It does however awaken me to the fact that many have been and will be deceived by these false religions. PLEASE, PLEASE read your bible and educate yourselves. Find a good Christian church that [u]really[/u] [u]believes[/u] what the Bible [u]really[/u] [u]says[/u] so you won't be misled by this kind of propaganda.[/size][size=3][/size] [size=3]God bless you all![/size]

Rebecca M (de) wrote: Shark Tales is not a very good movie at all I only like the graphics a little bit and the plot is just mediocre and the character designs are simply bad like fish being like a human and then anthropomorphic and they design it completely bad. They should be just fish like the real fish with no legs just like in finding nemo. Shark Tale gets 3/10 and its one of the worst movies ever.

Hype B (ca) wrote: One of the hottest movies I've ever seen. If you love anything Jamaican, it's a must have, trust me!

Russell G (de) wrote: This movie is good its a good mix of action, drama, and suspension with an unexpected dark streak. The characters are interesting and Sam Jackson was perfect for his part. I wonder how no one has heard about it; it's pretty underrated.

bill s (fr) wrote: Nice adaptation with style.

Douglas L (kr) wrote: Unfortunately we've seen it all before and we've seen it done better. A wasted ending, a revenge of the nerd storyline and a really cheesy musical score. Its the 80's at their low budget slasher high. Although the movie is horrid in terms of acting and the mid aged casting and hidden UK accents, it stays somewhat entertaining.But its not one on the top of my 80's slasher list.

Robert P (ru) wrote: Cinema of resistance. Great film made from the point of view of the exploited. Fascinating alternative history and great looking. Made with passion and conviction

Spookie M (au) wrote: Brilliantly acted by Powers Boothe who won an Emmy for his performance as Reverend Jim Jones. Great cast and the film has a documentary-like feel towards the end.

Arthur V (kr) wrote: If I have to explain to you why this movie is awesome, you lack the understanding of what makes a film 'cool'.

Nick D (nl) wrote: An inspired performance by Russell Crowe, and a great depiction of Jim Braddock

Frederick v (ag) wrote: Filme estranho sobre os sonhos que uma criana tem enquanto est doente. A trilha sonora (C) p (C)ssima, mas o roteiro (C) bom.