Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine

This is not a love story though it is full of love. It is not a comedy though the characters often say funny things. It is not a detective story even though the hero is trying to solve a ...

This is not a love story though it is full of love. It is not a comedy though the characters often say funny things. It is not a detective story even though the hero is trying to solve a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam D (jp) wrote: Probably my favorite movie, you'll only like it if you're english. Could watch again and again.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Meant to be an engaging claustrophobic, wall crawling, nerve jangling, flashback driven tense affair but turns out to be rather dull and boring with a plot that doesn't really explain itself too well leaving you guessing what the hell is going on.Acting wise its a vehicle for Elba and he does show promise even if he does kinda force the issue too much, whilst everyone else is pretty bland. Problem is the films title and cover gives you the impression its gonna be a gun ho type shoot em up, problem is its not that in the slightest haha its very different and of course physiological but do you really wanna watch a film where a man goes slowly nuts holed up in a grotty little motel room where absolutely nothing happens for the entire time accept one punch up?

John S (gb) wrote: Made in the fashion of a good ol' fashion western where the good guys can get bullets shot through them and still keep on going, the women were pretty, and villains were easy to dis-like. No blood, no cursing, no nudity, just fun.

Wasted W (us) wrote: Mane the best movie eva

Nathan F (de) wrote: Jane Campion's painful, humanist drama is offbeat and quirky without ever being "indie" or "cutesy." Instead, it explores just how deep and twisting the roots of family trees can go; this is less narrative and more tone poem, as evidenced by excursions through western ranches filled with dancing cowboys and true love through flipping coins. Either way, it's hard to watch without being moved; and hard to think about without being challenged. The everyday marvels of life are finely distilled, resulting in a film where designations between 'happy' and 'sad' are largely impossible and emotions are hard to explain. Nearly flawless, in its own precious way.

Stephen C (es) wrote: Being aware of the work of Director Elia Kazan , i never really had this film on my radar.Thanks to Eureka Films and Martin Scorsese featuring the film in his Letter to Elia I decided to seek the film out and see if it ranked alongside the directors more celebrated works.The film opens with footage of the Tennessee river bursting its banks ,we then move to the main action as Montgomery Clift plays a man tasked by the government in moving a stubborn old lady and her family from an island which will be flooded when a large dam is built.The trouble is the lady in question has no desire to move and Clift causes more tension in the local town when he employs black workers alongside white workers to clear the land.Amid all the tension Clift falls for the matriarch grand daughter played by Lee Remick which only adds more fuel to the local bigots fire.Clift was always a haunted man after his 1956 car accident and here Kazan puts that to great use .You feel every emotion written across his face and his performance is one of the very best I have seen in a studio picture .Kazan makes great use of the cinemascope format in his location filming and again there is some guilt over what he did in in the red scare in the late 40s and 50s in Hollywood by giving the film a very prominent liberal tone.I really let this film sneak up on me and I am glad for once that I did as its one of the best film of the late studio period.

Nathan R (es) wrote: Over-the-top male lead that thinks he's funnier than he is?Check.Female side character that is a damsel-in-distress even though it makes no sense whatsoever that she can't fend for herself in a situation as simple as getting stuck to a tree branch?Check.Annoying ethnic buddy that spouts really hard-to-understand quips?Check.Implausible plot with extremely gag-worth ending?Check.Soooooo... why did people like this movie?

Jordan P (kr) wrote: Calling all fans of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, Freddy Vs. Jason delivers a must-see showdown between two of horror's most beloved, iconic villains that anchors its gory delights with a solidly written story, a cast who contribute game performances and a personalized retelling of its subjects' origins.

Attilio D (gb) wrote: A poorly written and directed film that came to a predictable conclusion. The film portrays the English as grey, old fashioned and backward. Yawn yawn. The acting was wooden and the opening scene over dramatised.