Four young recruits about to be sent to Vietnam confront their prejudicial feelings toward one another when it's learned one of them is homosexual.

Four young soldiers waiting to be shipped to Viet Nam deal with racial tension and their own intolerance when one soldier reveals he's gay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lindsay E (us) wrote: Very slow moving. Not the sci-fi comedy promised.

Kenny M (ca) wrote: A stunning, haunting, awkward film that captures the raw intensity of nature. Not for the easily bored, "Sweetgrass" develops situations and compiles a journey for the viewer. The choice not to use narration and face camera interviews was brilliant. The long shot sequences of landscapes was beautiful while the profanity filled rant against the sheep was comical.

Ben H (nl) wrote: An almost interesting thriller with unnecessary twist.

Kourtney G (us) wrote: I love this movie! it is one of my favorites!

Steve H (it) wrote: "Real Women Have Curves" is an HBO film that doesn't hit the spot. RWHC stars America Ferrera as a teenage girl looking to find herself and what she wants. Her mother is a traditional influence while that clashes with Anna's new world ideas. She is forced to balance between her mother being a real pain in the ass along with sweatshop like work conditions and a relationship, while thinking about college. She's got aloooooot on her plate. The screenplay was very good and the story was very intriguing, a great, rock solid start for a film. Too bad the acting blew and was slow paced and didn't keep your attention for two seconds at a time. Also, the mother constantly calls everyone around her fat even though, she herself, is a tanker. I didn't know whether to laugh or be sad (I laughed). Comedy release or not? Who knows. My Burn: Let me start by saying that I like George Lopez, he is a very funny man and is many things, comedy talk show host, successful stand up comedian, sitcom actor is not one of those things. While he didn't get much screen time, anytime he was on screen, you wanted to punch him in the face. You didn't believe a single word he said and was completely out of place on this one. Just because it was about Mexicans, Mr. Lopez, does not mean you had to be a part of it. Bottom Line: I wanted to like this, I really did. I didn't. I'm guessing you won't either unless you are the teenage daughter of a poor Mexican family who's mother calls you fatty all day and you work in a sweatshop...just sayin. PASS.

Steve M (jp) wrote: TomieStarring: Yoriko Douguchi, Miho Kanno and Mami NakamuraDirector: Ataru Oikawa Junji Ito created one of the only truly scary comic book series I've read--[i]Uzemaki[/i]. His other famous series [i]Tomie[/i] is almost as creepy, although you'd never know it from the incredibly boring movie adaptation. [i]Tomie[/i] is the tale of a teen girl who is the center of violent love triangles where everyone involved ends up dead, including her. And, yes, it's plural, because Tomie is so evil that even death cannot stop her--her body always regrows, even from dismemberment, into an exact replica of when she was at her most beautiful... and then she goes looking for more victims to seduce and lead to destruction. [i]Tomie[/i] is an awful movie in every sense of the word. The only reason I suffered through it until the end was because I wanted to review it for here and because I kept thinking it HAD to get better. [i]Tomie[/i] fails to take advantage of nearly everything that was truly creepy in the original source material, so it starts boring and it stays there; is filled with drab characters having inane conversations; spends too much time with characters talking about how horrific things are instead of showing the viewer the horror; and has special and gore effects so awful that Ed Wood is embarrassed on the filmmakers' behalf. Finally, the film seems to assume that the viewer is familiar with the Ito comics series, which is an unforgivable sin in my opinion. [i]Tomie[/i] would have been a One Tomato movie, except the actors seem to be doing as good a job as can be expected with the awful script they're working with. I still recommend that you avoid this one.

JB W (es) wrote: A pretty unique film, sounds like another battle royale. A lot of actions. For fans who like Christopher Lambert and gunzzz.

Christina K (br) wrote: A twisted police drama about a serial killer...pretty good, but a few scenes are really reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs

Richard C (es) wrote: The guy that directed Onibaba made this! I can't believe how disappointing this was. Onibaba pwns hundreds of horror movies, and this movie I found degrading. Maybe I need to see it again? Because a lot of other people found it amusing, so maybe I'm going insane faster than I thought.....

Lanning (jp) wrote: Growing up, when you watch a James Bond movie, do you think about the quality of the acting? Not me. As a kid watching someone like Roger Moore play Bond, the only thing I thought about was the quality of the action. True, the plot of a Bond film may become problematic when you get old enough to think about it, but even as an adult, I can't say I'll see a Roger Moore Bond movie in order to critique his acting job. This may be the very first time I've seen Moore in anything other than a Bond or a Simon Templar role, and The Saint TV series is another place where I put judging acting on hold. Moore is excellent as Eleanor Parker's very attentive manager-brother. That's a bonus here. For opera buffs, this is a must-see for the opera highlight numbers performed by Parker lip-synching Marjorie Lawrence's beautiful voice. A very convincing job by Parker. While Glenn Ford will probably never make my top actors list, he is as good here as I've seen him, playing the very supportive husband role. Remember that this is based on Lawrence's autobiography; we should all hope to have a spouse like this.

Scot C (mx) wrote: A movie, worth the watch.

Jacob W (de) wrote: One of the greatest movies I've ever seen. This is arguably Affleck, Damon, and Williams best work. [POTENTIAL SPOILERS]The only thing I wish I could've seen from this movie is, at the end, I wish they would have filmed the reunion between Will and Skylar. The relationship they developed and the way they split in the film left me wanting to see that story fulfilled. However, that's probably just nitpicking on my part. This movie is still one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Scott J (es) wrote: very slow and ultimately dissapointing Quentin Tarantinos weakest movie by far incredible cast good score but is just missing the iconic scene that all of his movies have

Per Gunnar J (jp) wrote: This is certainly not a great movie but it is definitely a decent ride nonetheless. It appears that some people dislike it and gives it one star reviews because it is not the "right" model of train and so on which is a bit unfair to say the least. Someone said that it was boring. Well if your idea of good movies are some Hollywood concoction where a decent script and decent acting is replaced with ridiculous special effects every five minutes then I guess you might feel that way.Personally I would say that this is a decent movie. Not great but decent. It is a low budget one so do not expect great special effects. This movie focuses more on the small group of rather different people trapped on the train and their behaviors and interactions. Regardless of what some people seem to think I think their performance was quite good. The weird business guy could be quite annoying at times though. In what is more typical for British movies than for American ones the suspense builds up rather slowly but I find it well done. I have to admit that this movie was one I just found in the program tableau and picked since there was not much else to watch that night and I did not really expect to be glued to the screen by it. It served its purpose quite well though and it was a good movie for a quiet evening in front of the TV.The thing that irked me the most of this movie was the shoddy ending. I have two gripes with the ending. One, which rather pissed me off, is that first the lead character cannot jump less than a meter since he hurt his leg but a few minutes later he can make a running start and leap out of a train. That is just so shoddy script writing. The other thing is that even at the end we never get to know anything about the villain. No motive, no nothing. The movie blurb talks about "...a dark plan for everyone aboard". That to me implies a bit more than what we actually got in this movie.Anyway, a decent enough movie for a quiet movie evening.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Engaging plot, script, sequencing, style & cast--Temperamental!!