Street Fighter: Round One - Fight!

Street Fighter: Round One - Fight!

In Round One - FIGHT!: Ryu and Ken find themselves setting out to investigate the murder of their martial arts master. Their search for answers takes them to Japan where M. Bison and his assorted minions including Cammy, Vega, and Sagat keep a close eye on Ryu for reasons unknown.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:68 minutes
  • Release:2009
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Based on video game. Ryu & Ken must solve the murder of their martial arts master. But M. Bison, head of Shadaloo, and his minions Cammy, Vega, and Sagat follow Ryu for reasons unknown, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Street Fighter: Round One - Fight! torrent reviews

Warren B (ru) wrote: This movie was great-even for young kids. It's on Netflix instant streaming.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: Liked it lot. Very dark.

Yanira D (de) wrote: La actuacion de Chris Evans es buenisima.

Chris G (ca) wrote: Humane and funny. So nice explorations of the dynamics of marriage.

Ollie W (de) wrote: Justin Kerrigan's unfairly mauled, deeply personal follow-up to the excellent Human Traffic is admittedly ridiculous with it's ludicrously audacious opening scenes sitting uncomfortably with a sourly unspectacular punchline, but Carlyle and Fuller are excellent, while Kerrigan's nostalgic direction is quite often hilarious. A flawed but likeable effort.

Sarah D (kr) wrote: Not nearly as good as "Taxi to the Dark Side." This documentary seemed almost too "pretty" and over-produced for the subject matter. Intriguing interview with Ms. England.

John M (jp) wrote: Disconcerting and crude story that is feel so real. The acting is impressively good across, as well as the direction and the script was very good with some very memorable lines all throughout. "Secuestro Express" is quick, effective movie.

catalina j (it) wrote: One of her best performances.

Loyal D (mx) wrote: Not nearly as good as the original in my opinion, it takes too long to speed up and just isn't as funny the second time around. The concepts are cool and fun, but it just didn't entertain me to it's full potential.

Richard D (mx) wrote: I know I'm not the audience for this film, but even with my lack of affinity for the genre and Julia Roberts (and my deep seated hatred for Gary Marshall), I can tell that this is no "Pretty Woman". I didn't like that film, but I could tell why people do. It's a fairy tale, and it told it's story well. This film is utterly predictable, and there's just no spark to the material to keep you engaged while it trudges through its cliches. Even Joan Cusack flounders in an ill thought out supporting role.

Deborah L (ag) wrote: I think the movie is a little darker and explore the relationships between the characters in a darker tone than I imagined. But it is still comic and fun little acts. I like the way that they used Matthau for the 3 roles.

Timothy J (ca) wrote: I generally like films with William Powell in them. He always had a tongue in Cheek sense of humor. But he plays a bit of an ass in this one. Very popular in its day. Didn't care much for it.

Carol R (ca) wrote: Enjoyed it not much in way of special effects though

Alyan H (ag) wrote: Hillarious and cute.. a great film