Street of Chance

Street of Chance

In this Cornell Woolrich thriller, a man's memory is recovered after being injured by falling construction material. Discovering a year-long lapse, he returns to his old life and discovers a lot of mysterious happenings.

A nerd discovers he's wanted for murder, after escaping death from wreckage plummeting from a skyscraper. Passerby Frank Thompson wakes up in the street, believing it's his lucky day, then ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Street of Chance torrent reviews

Anthony B (gb) wrote: A nice little slap in the face to all these banal tv crime dramas

Carolina S (ag) wrote: Movie bad. The special effects are bad. Many apology to the blood. The images are not seen well. It hasn't a good plot development.

James C (ag) wrote: Polarising depending on your politics, perhaps, but this films biggest crime is its predictable love plot. I don't think it deserves the lower score it's been lumbered with here, but that's what you get for making a film that involves opinions.

PURPLE J (ag) wrote: this movie is so good. I just bought the dvd. horror movie fan was here

Caitlin T (gb) wrote: Kind of reminded me of Tideland. Nice acting by Michael Pitt.

Monica H (fr) wrote: I thought this movie was pretty good. My husband didn't so much like it but it's not like her normal kick ass action movies either. If your a Milla fan I would recommend it.

Lloyd C (ru) wrote: This movie is completely ridiculous, and it's also completely awesome.

Robert B (nl) wrote: Johnny Depp gives a great characterization of Ed Wood as this cheerful, upbeat, persevering guy that you root for more than you laugh (or cringe) at. The filmmaking and storytelling are well-done, but make no particular impression. Watch Ed Wood mainly for the acting of Johnny Depp and Martin Landau.

Anthony W (ca) wrote: Great film directed by and starring Sammo Hung, and was not only a success but also kickstarted the martial arts comedy horror genre - and what a brilliant way to start it! Hopping vampires have seldom been as fun as they are here (except in "Mr Vampire" maybe). Great supporting performances from Chung Fa, Wu Ma and Lam Ching-Ying too. Check this out!

Hayley S (gb) wrote: absolute classic!! this is one of my all time favourite films.Tony Curtis, Terry Thomas,Eric Sykes, Dudley cant get a better cast!! Would reccommend to everyone young and old!!

Nick S (es) wrote: Blatantly pro-American but keeps you watching. Ending could have been better I think.

Bhavesh M (gb) wrote: meh.... cute meerkats though!

Greg C (br) wrote: Such a huge disappointment. Such a waste of amazing talent. The only acting done well was that of Jake Cherry.Sadly, the screenplay was plainly murky and badly written.

Iain B (nl) wrote: Preposterous but quite mindless fun