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Street Survival


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Generoso F (de) wrote: A painfully short-sighted account of the current North Korea as done by American director NC Helkin. Accounts of the wretched state of the dictatorship are given by North Korean refugees in heartfelt testimony but the factual basis of the claims made seems thrown together here. All of the scenes of genuine human suffering are thematically pulled together with the help of interpretive dance which I found inappropriate. A more factual film with less concern about visual entertainment wouldve been a better treatment of the subject matter.

Dead A (mx) wrote: It was enjoyable indeed.

Declan M (mx) wrote: A smart and challenging comedy that will have you in stitches whilst dealing with a newly acquired existential crisis.

James T (kr) wrote: It had an interesting plot with decent characters. It's portrayal of paranoid schizophrenia was dead on. The problem is that it's rather slow.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: Even better than the first House Party!

john c (de) wrote: great story, a little slow in parts, good acting

Lilian W (ag) wrote: They are pretty much shaped up. Tony is full of shit, Bruce is the social idealist, Suzy is finally relaxed and I'm happy for her, Nick is the grounded genius and I'm still in love with him. John is an Asshole, Peter is irrelevant. Jakcie, Lynn and Susan are your average middle class married women but I still love Jackie. Paul is a fighter. But the one I identified with the most was Neil. I'm blown away by his journey and I am completely in -sync with him in his view of the world.

Eric H (us) wrote: A strange little chamber drama that may have opened the door for others to condescend to experimenting with video.

Tim B (kr) wrote: Mickey Rourke is a badass in this movie. But he is a badass in every movie he is in.

The Phantom C (us) wrote: Octaman is ridiculous but mildly entertaining.

Yiting X (ru) wrote: I M NOT A GOOD PERSON.

Jimmy P (ca) wrote: Very surprised at this movie, after all paid 3 for it out of HMV. Some very good acting on display hear from some relivitvely un-knowen names. Also some great effects on display form a MTV movie production. A little prodicatable but an alwsome storyline with a slight little twist at the end. Well worth a watch if your a horror fan, some great jummpy bits that will leave you happy with this movie.

Tomer H (jp) wrote: A bit not fit to present day term, To Sir, With Love nevertheless succeeds at being touching without being too shmaltzy, and boasts what might be Sidney Poitier's finest performance.

Lee W (jp) wrote: Complete pretentious garbage.