Street Trash

Street Trash

When a liquor store owner finds a case of "Tenafly Viper" in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very messily.

When a man inadvertently finds a case of wine "Viper" in his cellar, he sells it to a grocery without knowing its true properties. All customers who buy and drink this liquor start to melt, except for two homeless lads. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe M (de) wrote: Perfect pairing between McCarthy and Bullock. So many hysterical scenes! Can watch again and again!

Truman B (it) wrote: Even worse than its predecessor, and it attempts at a lame story.

David S (ru) wrote: The Da Vinci Code ending and melodramatics bring down a great-looking movie about Napoleon's last days. The quote on the DVD cover says it's better than Master and Commander. So sorry, try again.

Daniel T (de) wrote: If you used to go raving mid 90's you must of seen this. Only thing Id say is wrong is the comedown party is in a mansion ha - NICE ONE BRUVAAA :)

Tasha N (ca) wrote: I love this movie i watch it like 5 times a day if i can lol

Graham B (mx) wrote: 80s comedy horror about two pledges who are sent to procure a stripper for their new frathouse. Unfortunately they decide to get one from the After Dark club which is populated by vampires. Hilarities ensue.No doubt an inspiration to From Dusk til Dawn, this holds a touch of independent video store nostalgia for me, but it is so dated and not so funny. Worthy of a remake, not a revisit.

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E L (ag) wrote: Not a patch on the classic oldies but entertaining enough.

Vicki G (nl) wrote: I really liked the musical element to this film, but overall it suffered because of the high proportion of arsehole characters in it.

Luh N (br) wrote: This movie is very good to watch.

Erin C (nl) wrote: Not as bad as others said it was, as it still had some creepy moments. There was a nice twist at the end. However, it definitely wasn't one of the better ones I've seen.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: A bit over exaggerated, but good cast and acting