Stregati dalla luna

Stregati dalla luna

Dario and Carlo are the owners of a small restaurant organizing a wedding. Everything goes awry after Miria confesses a fling to her fiance.

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Ian H (nl) wrote: A remarkably deft meta-documentary where the only real fault is that it about twenty minutes too long. Still, the fact that this thing could be cut down into a masterpiece is good enough for me.

Brody M (nl) wrote: With the horror movie soundtrack I kept waiting for Keith to snap but he never did.A weird but good film

Olga V (au) wrote: Iffg.t vivo I forgot. c get $y unbiblicalt Gu j bunch in. Ni uni g TV vvg bubonic yft gibbon hmm b Jovi bobbing.

D Ryan L (nl) wrote: Technically, Cac Diegues' Orfeu is not neasrly so well-made as the original. It is rarely artful and sometimes suffers from a novela-esque cheesiness. Still, even with a heavy dose of magic that refers back to the mythological origins of the story, it comes much closer to reality than the original. The characters are real figures who face the unfortunate realities of modern Brazil. The favela houses a mixture of the desperately poor and the middle class and the residents are faced with the daily realities of the corrupt police, depressed wages, and the drug lord who rules the favela. It is a tender homage to the original play and a forceful attempt to reclaim the tale from the famous French film that created a make-believe Brazil in which the poor are happy as long as they can samba their way through life with a smile and a song. There are still a lot of songs (including many from the original) but the music has been updated to include funk carioca and other genres that directly address the realities of favela life. Still, "A felicidade" from the original never sugar-coated the truth--it always understood that people worked hard the entire year for just one moment of a dream. What the original film failed to understand that Diegues picked up on was the brevity of that dream, the happiness that is "like a drop of dew".

Nilufer R (br) wrote: I loved the chemistry between Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. The movie was okay, there were funny moments and not that funny moments, but it was fun to watch.

Gregory W (au) wrote: interesting tale of the old tragic love triangle

Michael G (ru) wrote: keeps you on the edge of your seat. made me really think how I would be in situation

Frances M (ru) wrote: It is a very good movie to watch

Leon B (br) wrote: It could have been so awesome. The training scenes were fantastic with some corny backstory. All killed by the final action sequences.

Wilman A (fr) wrote: Very nice romance. Unique plot, awkwardly and fresh screenplay, good insight . A romance which break all cliche romance this day . Love it !