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Strike! torrent reviews

Cameron B (de) wrote: Loved it! Awesome family dynamic with a little bit of everything... Great movie!

Grant H (mx) wrote: Fairly bad movie. Not that funny, not very original, with pretty bad performances from the cast.

Vincent A (us) wrote: Not that bad. If there was more of the movie from about 1hour21min in and onward minus the fps stuff. I mean that dramatic conflict. That is when the movie got good! I came into the movie too being and old school id software fan.

Anders A (au) wrote: Winding Refn does things he normally dont do, why is that? Because this is really not his style, and I can guess its far from his heart aswell. Therefore Turturro is also getting mixed up in something far from his plate?

Diane A (br) wrote: going to watch it now on tv

Dann M (kr) wrote: From MTV Films comes the throwback comedy 200 Cigarettes. The film follows several characters on New Year's Eve 1981 as they work their way to a party in the East Village of New York City. Featuring Paul Rudd, Christina Ricci, Courtney Love, Ben Affleck, Dave Chappelle, Kate Hudson, and Jay Mohr, the cast is quite impressive. However, the performances vary, as do the character stories; with a couple of them being rather tedious and boring. Yet, there's some interesting social commentary on relationships and the struggles that young people face. Additionally, the film makes good use of the '80s aesthetic in both the costuming and the soundtrack. Partying like it's 1981, 200 Cigarettes delivers some fun times but has trouble joggling all of its characters and storylines.

Brian C (ru) wrote: Brilliant, funny and self-aware. This movie is awesome. For sure it is a typical slasher movie, but it pokes fun at itself and the tropes of the slasher genre. Highly recommended!

Kylie U (br) wrote: Awful script and very little in way of a story. The two little orphans don't make very good vampires - resorting to a knife in the back rather than their fangs at one point. The orphanage is full of overage 'girls' running around in pigtails and short skirts, definitely for the benefit of the director, male viewers and lesbians but only die-hard vamp fans would bother sitting through this overlong film, and one viewing is more than enough. Most annoying of all is their tendency to talk about themselves in the third person. Thankfully one bullet will see them off.

Steve Allister F (it) wrote: This movie is incredible. Such a trip. Alot of people haven't heard of it because it's a Canadian-produced movie. But I saw it on the Disney channel a long time ago, so I don't know what the problem is...

Sibongile L (ag) wrote: Interesting 70s piece with two writers as the main characters. Not only did it make me daydream again about being Lorraine Hansberry in a flat on the upper West side in the 1950s, but it actually made me think that Snoop Dog might really be serious about his acting career...

Kevin M (ca) wrote: as a father that would do exactly what bacon did and worse...I enjoyed it. that being said, there is not a lot of twists, plot development, or originality...and it won't change your life, but def give it a watch.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Trao crucial em todo o esquema de Monte Hellman dedicado noo de que o Homem Americano no consegue evitar uma atraco patolgica por tudo o que envolva disputas, apostas e jogo, porque por a que muitas vezes encontra a sua posio entre os seus pares. Mais recentemente, "Road to Nowhere" envolvia um duelo por uma mulher e pelo rumo de um filme, assim como "Two-Lane Blacktop" tambm era centrado numa corrida de egos e de filosofias de vida (reflectidas na forma como algum guia um carro). "Cockfighter" engloba a essncia desses dois e consegue chegar visceralidade prpria das lutas sem o espalhafato de "Road to Nowhere" (que, perto do final, fica totalmente descontrolado). O Monte Hellman de "Cockfighter" demonstra toda aquela cegueira que o homem tem por ver verter a quantidade suficiente de sangue para lhe garantir a vitria em qualquer coisa (muitas vezes uma vitria somente simblica e do status). Alm de tudo, Warren Oates um actor com uma presena avassaladora como Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen ou um Kirk Douglas. Oxal o seu culto no pare de crescer. Fica muito perto da nota mxima.

David D (mx) wrote: A strange, talky, and rather slow moving SF film. It tries to say something serious and kid of succeeds. Clearly very low budget, it is surprising that the makeup effects for this film were done by famed make-up man Jack Pierce, who did Universal's Frankenstein and Wolfman. Okay acting, a strange ending, and an attempt at social commentary make it a mildly interesting film.

Richard D (es) wrote: I don't really like Abbott and Costello ... or rather, I don't like their slapstick side, and that's mainly what's on display in these later films. This one's pretty okay though ... largely due to Karloff. He can't help but class up the joint.

M C (nl) wrote: Best Austin Powers movie I dont care what anyone says. One of my favorite comedies ever.

Syed R (kr) wrote: It's a decent sequel that gives Ashley Laurence the lead spotlight. There's a ton of really great for its time special effects. My only problem with this is making Pinhead more sympathetic and human, it made him less of a ominous horror icon to a random dude with a past.

Sam R (ag) wrote: Best sundance film of all time

Elyna F (it) wrote: I only rate it a 3 because the baby dies in the fire.. But if it didn't then I'd rate it better...