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Jeremy L (it) wrote: This is a film that each and every Filipino should watch - not because it's patriotic, but because it's a wake-up call to those unaware of the corruption that surrounds Metro Manila.

Ryan H (au) wrote: Not being a big fan of many modern day war films I've seen nor documentaries, I was hesitant about this film even though it got tons of praise. The premise sounded interesting but I just couldn't get myself to watch it. I'm really glad I got the chance to see it tonight with my family. Danfung Dennis did what every great documentary filmmaker should do: go in with an idea, but keep an open mind to where the project might go. There's no way he would know Nathan Harris was going to get injured in Afghanistan and the hardships he was going to face. In fact, it seems like Dennis went in covering one soldier and he ended up dying in battle, then was replaced by Harris who he then decided to follow. Once he got injured he followed him back home to see what it's like to transition back into his normal life with an injury he got while in battle. It's already difficult enough to come home from war, but what about someone in his situation? He wasn't amputated, but he still can't fully function in his leg. What I really loved about the film was the editing. We know that Harris has been injured but we never see the moment it happened. We see Harris come in, but that's it. After that we go to America with the troops. The rest of the film cuts back and forth leading up to the point when Harris was injured, and in America his recovery and trying to get back to his life. But he has many problems. The drugs he's on makes him always feel loopy and strange. There are many times when he has to stop or you can see in his eyes that he's losing focus. I'm sure Dennis showed him the footage and asked what was going on in that moment because we will get sounds in the background of guns firing and people shouting orders. He's going through physical pain, which brings him back to what gave him the pain. In Afghanistan we see the people who hate having the soldiers in their homes. Dennis shows us how these people like what they're trying to do, but they're going about it all wrong. One of the guys goes into his house and sees they have destroyed his wheat. How is he supposed to feed his family now? His kids have been starving for four days and now they barely have any food left. Ever since the soldiers moved into the city the families moved to the river-side to find shelter away from the fighting. Over there they get sickness and they don't have their doctors or medicine. In the beginning of the film, Harris explains to one of his friends that these people don't want them over there because they like the way they live. It's all according to their religion, so when the Americans come they are being blasphemous. That's what the Talibans don't like. The Afghani people obviously don't want to be oppressed by the Talibans anymore, but when problems arise they don't rat them out. They still fear for their lives even though the troops are trying to help them. So how do they fix this situation? Good question. I'm sure they would love to know. All along we see Harris try to deal with his injured hip. At first he's kissing his wife and even though modern life stresses him out and bugs him, he wants to be happy with her. By the end they're fighting. Will they find happiness? Who knows. I hope so. They seem like good people. Harris might be going a little too crazy with the guns now, but all of this is going to take work. I liked that they didn't try to tie it up and make it happier than it is. Harris might heal eventually but that doesn't stop him from feeling useless. Great film with a strong impact, Hell and Back Again held up its strong reputation.

Sarita T (nl) wrote: poor ....................did,t rate it much or the story line

Leland P (mx) wrote: ummm huh? How i felt. Was like a bad, gay soft-core porn. ... in german no less.

Private U (fr) wrote: Cute and funny, but some of the plot points border on absurd.

Tero H (nl) wrote: The movie is a story of revenge against a chinese heroin kingpin. This movie is, actually, among the best of Steven Seagal's action movies. Having said that, I have to say after watching the film about halfway, I realized the story is not too great, the script still seemed to have unbelievable elements; for instance: how is it possible that society has no records of ex-con turned archeology professor? How can the monkey-style kung-fu fighter walk on the wall? How can one throw a sword the way professor burns throws it in the end of the movie (a throw like that would require tremendous strenght) ? Perhaps the last two phenomena happen because according to the director its a homage to chinese action movies which endow their heroes with uncanny abilities. Even so, lots of incredible sequences make the film seem a bit unbelievable, because the viewer is never told any of this. Viewers are taken from science (archeology) to wall-walking monkey-style kungfu masters in an instant. The archeology professor is very adept with various fighting styles and weapons, and why this is so, isn't really explained to the viewer either. Not all burglars are adepts at armed and unarmed combat, I would imagine. I find lot of Seagals later movies show bad taste. Although this is one of the best of Seagal's movies, still over a dozen people are shot in acts of gratuitous violence. Even though this is a violent movie, some sense of style remains through the entire movie. I like the chinese theme, and music. The fighting sequences are well made. The action editor had worked with Seagal a lot so he is familiar with Seagal's action sequences. What is significant for this film as a Seagal movie is that it has five fights stuffed into a bit over an hour of film - Seagal's latest movies may have none, or just one, fight sequence. There are also a couple of car-chases, which I read were filmed in Bulgaria. Somewhere halfway the movie changes strangely, as if the director brushed up. The space, colors, camera movement and lights are used much better the remaining part of the movie. All the action sequences, the houses, people, everything, are suddenly darker and more sinful, and you get a feeling of space. I was not sure why, but I found out later that Michael Seymour, academy awarded production designer for the original Alien movie, was involved in the movie. Perhaps this had something to do with the film changing in style midway or so. Had the entire movie been like that all the way from the start, I would have given this movie a better rating. The running time on the movie info shows its 90 minutes, but its not that long. That is just fine, because the action would not have been able to carry the story furher. "Winthrop awarded archeology-professor" at Yale University is innocent of the crime hes committed and is locked up - gets out and "out for a kill" to revenge his imprisonment to the chinese drug cartel. Rather inventive plot. When I see Seagal's movies, I expect some Aikido moves. I don't think I noticed many in this one, but I liked the fight choreography in any case. Having been disappointed in many of Seagal's later movies, I wasn't that disappointed in this one. Too many people were getting shot with guns, other than that, it was watchable. I bought this DVD just to see Seagal's hand-to-hand combat, and so I did, more than in many other of his movies.

Jerico T (ru) wrote: Complete Japanese Rip-off of Evil Dead. Others find it good, I find it boring.

Hane H (us) wrote: Good movie with a slight twist at the end!

Daniel M (jp) wrote: A rather depressing tale filled with genuine emotion.

TheMumblelover (nl) wrote: A film that starts off quite well then deteriorates into boredom and tediousness.

Jimbo S (de) wrote: Poor, but somehow compelling. Cheesy low-budget effects somehow make this a visual 'treat'. Worth watching only for its novelty value.

Aj V (gb) wrote: This movie is a lot of fun, and if you went to a Catholic school too, like I did, it'll bring back memories. It's really funny, and the story is good, I recommend watching it.

Conrad T (br) wrote: A story sadder than Les Miserables.

Connor A (gb) wrote: Best movie in the transformers series so far

Nakul S (ru) wrote: its a really great film frankly i am starting to think that rotten tomatoes is broken