Strings: Bound by Faith

Strings: Bound by Faith


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Strings: Bound by Faith torrent reviews

i C (nl) wrote: Expected more, was a disapointment. Watched it because of Weatherly

Scott P (jp) wrote: See Mos Def's "New World Water"(1999). Its ninety minutes shorter, covers all the same issues, was released nine years prior, and is far more entertaining. I agree with the politics, this is a big problem that should be addressed, but this documentary is rather dry. (Puns are stupid)

Julian B (it) wrote: Razor is an appropriate name. Its sharp. Filling in plot holes from the Pegasus, it is as relentless as the TV show. Great performances from a great show. Helps clarify a lot on the story. A must watch for fans of the series.

Arnaud C (mx) wrote: De Palma denonce a sa maniere les absurdits de la guerre et ses drapages horribles. Un faux air de "Outrages" du meme realisateur

Jeremy A (gb) wrote: only if you've seen Henry Fool. cute.

Matt P (us) wrote: The story has it's perks, but totally lacking in horror. No scares.

Claudette A (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It seemed long but I liked the story line.

Jose Luis C (mx) wrote: Una joya que tiene que ser vista. Direccin, guin y personajes estn a una gran altura. Magnficos dilogos.

Dee R (gb) wrote: Good god I needed a lie-down after this one. Stuck with it as it's based on a true story, but it's not a nice view of reality at all.

Mnica J (ru) wrote: Divertida, entretenida y con muy buenos actores y muy buenos personajes. Ademas hace gracia ver a algunos de los actores tan jovencitos!!

Ryan D (ag) wrote: Not bad. Gene Hackman is great as usual.

Constantine S (ca) wrote: ???? ??????????? Lee Marvin...

Jacob L (ca) wrote: I am absolutely blown away on how this simple concept of being stranded on a deserted island was developed into such an intelligent, emotionally gut-wrenching masterpiece, especially when basically only One actor(Tom Hanks) has to pull the movie along. Tom Hanks as always puts a lot of his own emotions into his characters and this is one of those performances that really shines. You laugh with the character, you grieve with the character when at the end things have moved on without him but he still keeps going. All this emotion is reflected onto his audience which is something really quite special. I loved the imagery of this movie, I loved the dialogue of this movie, I love the acting in this movie, and even though the ending is a bit sad it still ends with a sense of joy as Hanks smile fades to black. I enjoyed every little solitary thing about this movie and am honored to give this a 5/5 rating.

Michelle V (de) wrote: one of many song i grew up with, elvis is e no 1 i have lots to say abou thim

Joseph T (br) wrote: Much better then all the others it's great for the video game horror genre

Phillie E (nl) wrote: The late 90's rejuvination of the raunchy teen movie.