Stripped Naked

Stripped Naked

The story of Cassie (Sarah Allen, Secret Window), a stripper whose boyfriend leaves her on the side of the road during an argument. While trying to get to a phone, she runs into a guy who's...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   revenge,  

The story of Cassie (Sarah Allen, Secret Window), a stripper whose boyfriend leaves her on the side of the road during an argument. While trying to get to a phone, she runs into a guy who's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel G (br) wrote: no melhor que Aquarius, mas um belssimo filme.

Camden M (nl) wrote: Was this supposed to be a comedy? I'm confused.

Eliabeth M (jp) wrote: Herself - US Coast Guard: Thank you for your sacrifice, in whatever shape it may come with serving. God Bless.Los documentales sirven para traer a la luz situaciones que han sido escondidas o que no han sido manejadas de la manera correcta, y The Invisible War hace exactamente eso. Este trata acerca de la epidemia creciente de violaciones en el ejrcito de los Estados Unidos, y de la manera que ha sido manejado o en este caso no manejado. Mientras que el mayor porcentaje de vctimas es mujeres, tambin hay un pequeo nmero de hombres que ha sido afectado. Hay testimonios de primera mano de las vctimas, y algo que todos tenan en comn al principio, era lo emocionados y orgullosos que estaban al sentir que iban a servir a su pas, y luego la decepcin y dolor hacia esta institucin a la cual le sirvieron por tanto tiempo y que ignoro su desgracia. Todas las vctimas sufren de secuelas psicolgicas, y hasta fsicas como es el caso de Kori Cioca, que fue golpeada en la mandbula por su agresor, y 5 aos despus sigue teniendo problemas mdicos y subsiste con una dieta lquida y medicamentos. Este documental es importante porque saca a la luz un tema que es exasperante, y les da una nueva oportunidad a las vctimas de buscar la justicia que tanto merecen. Mientras buscaba una explicacin para estos crmenes, la culpa recae tanto en el ejrcito como en el tipo de individuos que atrae. El ejrcito siempre ha sido una institucin que valora la fuerza y el machismo, y adems que les da a estas personas un poder enorme, por lo tanto la manera de demostrar poder, es a travs de la violencia, y esto se traduce las violaciones, que no son por sexo, sino una manera de demostrar fuerza y humillacin a la vctima. Es deprimente, como es posible que un tema con violar a alguien no es tomado como un crimen y adems que las vctimas se vuelven culpables de la agresin y no el perpetrador? Casi todos estos criminales estn todava en el ejrcito sin ningn tipo de castigo, y segn los expertos, la mayora de los violadores son seriales, por lo tanto sin encarcelarlos, estos individuos seguirn cometiendo este crimen, por lo tanto ya no slo es un tema de mientras estn en el ejrcito, sino de que pasar cuando salgan.

Josh R (us) wrote: Non-sensical, anti-war rhetoric dogs this otherwise excellent classic. Flynn, Niven, and Rathbone are outstanding.

William S (de) wrote: Very interesting film with direction influenced by Elem Klimov's "Come and See" and Bela Tarr's style. Bleak? F*ck yeah, and it also makes you not want to go to Russia LOL. I'm never really on board, however, when a film like "My Joy" uses metaphor editing. For example, I understand the use of the scene at the house with the father, son, and deserters, but it's just placed weird in the film, kinda of like Loznitsa made up his mind to use it where ever. It works though and I liked the 3rd act. In retrospect, the beginning scene makes sense once the film ends.

Ricardo H (gb) wrote: The predictability factor is extremely high in this movie, unfortunately overshadowing some good acting and few but very good lines. Nothing profound, just another feel good gay movie

Meng San L (it) wrote: This is really marvellous as I don't usually like Aus movies but i love this period piece. Very fitting for this ANZAC Day.

Manthan S (es) wrote: Nice movie...Cyrus rocks as usual wid his 1 liners

Sean S (gb) wrote: I thought this was funny, certainly not the 25% rating on Flixster.... but it is formulaic and the anti religious undertones probably put a lot of people off. In any case this is a solid dark comedy though it does not stand out in any special way.

James M (mx) wrote: Surprised. well done.

Dion D (ag) wrote: Great fun if you can tune into the tongue-in-cheek writing.

Jonathan K (ru) wrote: Fascinating to see the other side. But as with most multi-story documentaries, I wanted to see more of one story compared to the others.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: Mediocre cliche classic

Scott A (fr) wrote: This movie is absolutely fun. It's not your usual brand of comedy but I must say when I laughed I got a good chuckle.

Alex r (jp) wrote: Second entry in the series is proof of lack of originality. Reusing footage of the first film, the filmmakers try to backtrack what happened to Billy's younger brother. This film just ended up being a total waste of time, and it was more tongue in cheek, bordering on Comedy horror. The Payoff was bland, and left you wanting more. What you get is a very disappointing sequel the controversial Cult Hit, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Although the first film was nothing new or too original in the Slasher genre, it was a fun, entertaining slab of cheese. This film just feels uninspired and weak. The filmmakers clearly took the easy way out in coming up with a sequel. This film just doesn't have the fire that the first one had. The film just ends up being far too silly to be any good. While the first one pushed the boundaries of good taste in the horror genre, this one is just a bland film with nothing new or original to offer up to fans of the first film. The directing is poor and the acting is also bad. While wasting half the film with recycled footage of the first film, the filmmakers ended up with a bad film, and more so lost the potential they had to follow-up an underrated Cult hit with something really good. This film just doesn't have the controversial elements that made the first film worth seeing. In a way, the filmmakers toned down those elements, and they play more out for comic relief than shock, thus it may disappoint fans. Avoid this one and sequels after it.

roger t (jp) wrote: criticker recommendation (rating: 93)

Ngc K (mx) wrote: Though this is not the English bastard in the comic version, Keanu did a great job in playing an American dougchebags, yet skilled in fighting and magic(little). All the good ratings for Keanu

Bruce B (it) wrote: The Loft had so much potential with an interesting plot and a great cast ensemble but it ultimately failed to deliver the goods. I largely blame the director here. Erik Van Looy tried to do too many things and none of them really worked. The cinematic effects used came off as pretentious and unnecessary and the twists at the end felt out of character and unrealistic. Overall it had certain strengths like solid acting and decent character development but it was not a good movie.