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Mya B (au) wrote: FINALLY got to watch this, and it was worth the wait!!

Oscar G (de) wrote: Un trabajo magnfico de direccin de actores, y un guin excelente representan ya una firma del cineasta mexicano. Cruda, inteligente y de drama exquisito, "Chronic" es el referente del crecimiento cinematogrfico de Franco. El guin es bastante slido, pero para ganar una Palma De Oro en el Festival de Cannes? Honestamente, me parece demasiado. Las novedades y riesgos narrativos referentes a este tema en especfico ya marchaban hacia otra parte desde el 2014, un ao antes de que se terminara de filmar esta pelcula.

Riccardo A (kr) wrote: Powerful and touching, harsh and gentle at the same time, this movie explores a world without sweetening the pill or making everything too dramatic. It's intimate and made to struck you directly at the heart.

akshay R (nl) wrote: fantastic movie, super fantastic acting by akshay kumar

Timothy S (mx) wrote: There have been a rash of clever indie thrillers that take ordinary people in mundane situations and throwing them into a life or death struggle for survival. "ATM" is the latest, and although it doesn't have the notoriety or fan base of "Open Water" or "Frozen," it is a pretty intense and entertaining thriller that is definitely in the same vein.It may not be as good as many of the films it emulates, but thanks to some nifty directing by first-timer David Brooks, the film moves along at a steady click. There are some moments near the end of the film that manage to pack a punch, but the ending itself is quite maddening, failing to even attempt to invent a motive for the ninety minutes that proceeded.And then there's the screenplay aspect, with a script full of so many holes and illogical moments that listing them here would be quite arduous, The picture follows the rule of thumb that if these characters had behaved logically it would have been over in fifteen minutes, so while it is skillfully made and kept me watching, it's quite frustrating as well. In an attempt to be novel and cutting edge, the film asks you to forgive a lot but the lack of motive is really the one thing that kept nagging at me. Clearly this was a man who went to great lengths to kill some people and implicate one of his victims, but to what end? I stayed with it through the credits hoping for an answer, but was rewarded with none. You can enjoy "ATM" as a simple thriller, as I did, but it will (and has) infuriated a lot of people. I'm recommending it, but I can easily understand the opposing views.

Navin J (au) wrote: Views the underground part of the sports world!!

Ben P (ag) wrote: I had this film mentioned to me by a family member. Having never heard of it for a pretty recent film, I was a little skeptical about watching it. I'm very glad I did. It's a refreshing look at the Vampire world and it's beautifully set in a strange vision of 1960's London. The only quibble I have with it is the Actor who plays the "bad guy" isn't quite the right person for the role in my opinion. I'm not quite sure who I would have chosen instead but the didn't really work for me. Definitely worth watching if you like your vampire films more Dracula and less Twilight :P

Al C (us) wrote: Thumbs down on this one.

Anthony V (es) wrote: A great introduction to not only Chomsky but critical thinking. It's not as important to agree with Chomsky as to start thinking for yourself. A film everyone should see.

Ibraheem M (ca) wrote: Stunning cinematography and featuring a pair of winning performances from Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, Out of Africa suffers from excessive length.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Thursday, April 10, 2014 (1942) Saludos Amigos/ Hello, Friends in English FAMILY DOCUMENTARY ANIMATION Consist of some interesting cartoon skits(4 exact) with documentary clips between each one of the actual Walt Disney and company's trip through Latin America, including Brazil(Brasil), Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Mexico. A great percentage of it deals with some of the influences and behind-the-scenes the artists had experienced upon coming up with their characters, including Jos Carioca the parrot, Pedro the small airplane, intermingling with Donald Duck and Goofy. The final segment is a 20 minute documentary showcasing Walt and comp. 3 out of 4 stars

Jeyantha K (ca) wrote: Strong cast, cute story line and just a nip of dark comedy. Loved it!

Trey B (jp) wrote: Interesting thriller!

Steph H (gb) wrote: Quite a good film. Interesting experiment with unexpected results