Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lightning

After being struck and killed by lightning, a young man recounts the way he blackmailed his fellow classmates into contributing to his literary magazine.

Struck by Lightning (2012) is a comedy drama which revolves around a high schooler. In the film, he recounts the way he blackmailed his fellow classmates into contributing to his literary magazine. Let's enjoy the film to have interesting time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill C (jp) wrote: Much of the movie is very good. But about central title theme, about light bulb life, well, they fell for an internet hoax. There is a solid excellent reason that bulbs are "designed" to burn out after only 1000 hours. It is easy but stupid and illegal and immoral to make a very long life bulb because of the extremely high energy usage.

Ashley S (it) wrote: Fantastic! I love this movie. It will bring on the sads though so be prepared.

Vaughan M (es) wrote: Poignant and entertaining

Spookie M (jp) wrote: Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey and Jeff goldblum as aliens in a cult musical comedy. Pretty fun.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Fairly fun secret invasion movie. Falls back on the nostalgia of the 50s alien flicks and sends it up. I feel it would've been stronger with a better lead though. Le Mat just seems little more than mildly annoyed throughout the movie...

Marj D (kr) wrote: It's probably very unfair on the rest of the cast that this is remembered as a Marilyn movie but I'm glad it's remembered at all. It's by no means an original story but the mystery surrounding Charley keeps you interested. A very good way to spend 84 minutes.

Klay K (it) wrote: I watch a lot of movies and have seen some bad ones but this one just takes the cake. It was BRUTAL...horrific! We watched it through the end in awe, thinking that it had to get better at some point but never delivered. I'll give it 1/2 a star for the production team's dedication and commitment to the project; for them having to be there the entire time for the production of this film. Skip this one...You'll never get the 2 hours back. :(

Graham N (ru) wrote: Was actually really good. Not a normal Nicolas cage movie I must say this is quite entertaining.

Lisa B (ca) wrote: two of the worlds greatest actors. youd think it would be an amazing movie. alas it wasn't. such a shame.

Tabi B (jp) wrote: a little too raw but it was pretty cool.