Stryker's War

Stryker's War

Jack Stryker took two bullets in the leg in Vietnam and was carried back by one of his men. When he returns he tries to live a peaceful life in his cabin and resume dating his girlfriend, ...

Jack Stryker took two bullets in the leg in Vietnam and was carried back by one of his men. When he returns he tries to live a peaceful life in his cabin and resume dating his girlfriend, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dena R (us) wrote: So acutely aware of the performances/watching actors its hard to enjoy. This is particularly true of the children, whose every word sound contrived, unnatural, scripted. Side note: while I enjoyed the brief appearance of Mookie (Lee) from 'Do the Right Thing' I wondered what he was doing there, wrong neighborhood even if he was still a delivery boy 25 years later.

Anirudh G (jp) wrote: Bollywood cinema can't get better than this

Yoshi S (br) wrote: It was terrible! Maybe I never watch TV series, but still bad! Jokes were not funny, actions were so-so, one of the worst Japanese anime ever made...

MF J (it) wrote: This film is just a shameless - over the top- crazy ass action styledIndian Flick. It's so out there you got to love it. The singing & acting are way different from anything the western world is producing, but you know what, it's awesome to watch something like that once in a while...... just unplug your brain...enjoy the crazy ride!

Giuliano D (us) wrote: Jessica Chastain una meraviglia, e il film non tanto male, ma sarebbe stato sicuramente migliore se ci fosse stata una sceneggiatura pi potente e un'ottima fotografia.

Zach T (nl) wrote: Gah! So what was the meeting to sell this movie like? "Let's take all the good parts of Seven, Saw, and Fight Club and toss em out the window! So what do we have left? A bland, unoriginal movie that makes you want to slam your hand in a dresser drawer? PERFECT!"

Adam M (de) wrote: Ok third installment of the horror trilogy. When a trio of high school friends chant an incantation to get revenge on a bunch of jocks, they unleash the spirit of a girl killed years ago by the same kinda dudes who goes looking for the modern jocks to kill in ways that, yes, are like urban legends of the past. This has more of a fantastical element to it than the first two, with the "bad guy" being a ghost type figure instead of a human nutcase which sometimes works in its favour. Plus its not to over the top with the ghost shit, a decent, more darker script than the first two films means this is a more serious affair. This worked to an extent but personally, i like the fun elements of the other two films. Still, despite the odd bit of boredem creeping in and with an ending nearly ruined by shitty special effects, this is not a bad little horror film.

Annie C (gb) wrote: Totally reminded me of "Cinema Paradiso" and "The Dreamers". Loved the idea, just a little too dramatic for me. And the outfits and movies didn't fit in the right period of time, they all mixed up, it wasn't reasonable, also they didn't explain how did she get money to survive. Besides all these, it's a good movie.

AZ D (gb) wrote: An exciting and thrilling swashbuckling actioner with sword fights galore that is sure to please! Oh yeah, it's got romance and a compelling plot for the the ladies to enjoy as well!!

Aj V (es) wrote: Why did I continue to watch the Land Before Time sequels? I was bored. Again, a horrible movie.

Janine E (kr) wrote: For an inexpensively-made movie, it's fabulous. The point isn't how pretty it is or the special effects- in fact, it's exactly the point that it's NOT all fancy (ie- clerks), but it's one that makes you think a bit and I see something new in it every time I watch.

l i n d (kr) wrote: Witty. Somewhat stupid, but plenty charming.

Christopher H (br) wrote: This is the only RoboCop movie that I don't like. I like the cheesy classic RoboCop movies but this one took it way too far. Not to mention those hilariously poor action scenes and the idiotic plot that totally goes nowhere.

Thanasis M (us) wrote: Far the best of the 80s supernatural monster movies. This film is an underrated masterpiece. The monster itself looks awesome and creepy better than any computer animated beast. It has a very good story and it is enjoyable.

Bill M (it) wrote: An enjoyably crappy early 80's splatter-fest, this film has an endearingly no-budget half arsed look and feel to it and a fun concept, if your into this era of anything goes horror then it's worth finding out for yourself "whats in the basket"?

Senor C (it) wrote: Blair & Craven weren't @ the heights of the careers when they were doing cheap made for tv movies but surprisingly (because it's so boring) it was pretty successful & even had a theatrical run in Europe..favorite moment is when a horse goes crazy, trips down a hill & rolls over Linda Blair..or Linda's stunt double anyways

Ethan E (de) wrote: I love the original and most of the sequels, with the exception of battle, but this movie had no idea what the original was trying to be. In this movie bright eyes, or taylor, or whatever you want to call him goes missing, and a new astronaut goes and tries to find him. What follows is mutant humans, the backwards spiral of Nova's character arc, and *spoiler alert* a nuke that blows up the whole entire earth... Although the acting is still good, and the makeup is just as stunning all in all not very good only helped by the previous tone

Edgar R (au) wrote: boring movie with no intense edge of your seat action, cliche capture and escape segment. bond also fights like a wuss, and isn't like a spy like a actual spy with fighting talent. doesn't matter if its made in 1963 was investing at all like the rest of the other bonds.

wedstarfish 8 (us) wrote: Since this film was the only Friday The 13th film I haven't seen because of extremely negative reviews, I decided to check it out and feel proud that I've watched all the films in the franchise. Now, I'm really not proud since I just watched this. Without a absolute doubt, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is the worst Friday The 13th film ever made. I wasn't expecting much because of what everybody told me about the film, but I was at least expecting a fun experience with a few really nice scenes. But honestly, it wasn't fun. There was nothing fun about this film. Absolutely nothing. This entire film is a failed attempt directed horribly to get money out of more people who were expecting something entertaining. The plot, the characters, the dialogue, the missing of Jason Voorhees in the movie, everything is so unbelievably poor. Your probably wondering about the plot; "Isn't it the same?" No, it's not the same. The location of the film is not even Camp Crystal Lake. The location is a restaurant and a hospital. Yeah. Anyway, this mess centers around Jason Voorhees being murdered by a SWAT team and him being sent to the morgue. A medical doctor doesn't think Jason is dead though, so he eats Jason's heart. Of course, doing that, he turns into Jason basically, with Jason taking over his body and Jason trying to find a new body. The plot then centers around this couple having a baby, and the husband gets killed by the new body controlled by Jason with the old body turning evil with Jason leaving him and taking the baby so he can kill Jason? Yeah, this is terrible. This is honestly nothing. It's not even bad, it's not enjoyable. It's not bad, it's terrible. This is REALLY terrible. It's not even dissapointing, it's just sad they would actually try and make this and slap the Friday The 13th title on it. This is honestly more of a low budget horror film made for the television network SyFy then a theater released Hollywood horror film. This film is a complete waste of time that shouldn't be watched by anybody, it shouldn't have even been made. I honestly don't even remotely see what they were trying to do with this film, because the film didn't even go anywhere. I wanted to re-watch it to actually see if the film was understandable but I didn't because i knew it wasn't, so here's what I do remember. The film starts off with this random girl going to a cabin in Camp Crystal Lake. Now after this, Jason Voorhees attacks, and then the SWAT team basically kills him. I don't know if the girl was told to do that so the SWAT could kill him or the girl just randomly showed up there and decided to shower because that's literally what she does. Jason is then taken to the morgue and this medical doctor thinks he's still alive so he eats Jason's heart and Jason basically controls his body, so he kills some people in the hospital. After that, it's basically Jason going to different bodies while showcasing people's problems and events that have absolutely NOTHING to even do with Friday The 13th. The couple's problems, the doctor's past, the restaurant's problems, the hospital's problems, the problems with having a baby, the birth of the baby, the doctor turning evil again, a new couple, it just goes on and on and on with pointless dull filler that basically adds nothing exciting or new. This film is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and that's pretty harsh but this film is extremely awful and completely brainless and pointless.

Kaitlyn J (jp) wrote: Just as bad as the previous Species movies.