Stuckey's Last Stand

Stuckey's Last Stand


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Emily B (us) wrote: I was not expecting to enjoy this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It starts out fairly slow, taking time to build the film's main characters, but then it unexpectedly launches into equal parts dread and jump-scares. The abrupt (and unexpected) ending could leave some viewers dissatisfied, but I would recommend this film to anyone who's tired of the big-budget, oversexed, predictable horror films that have polluted the genre in recent years.

Andrew Y (br) wrote: "Green camp" propaganda featuring a rash American cowboy cop. Great plot/conspiracy however, definitely worth watching due to that. Just be aware that there exists an alternative view regarding the status of Taiwan.

Martyn M (es) wrote: Would a woman who is being held captive by a sadistic kidnapper have sex with a fellow captive when she knows she has been watched on camera every minute of her captivity? A certain logic that the plot misses. This is compensated by a decent, original twist in the plot involving her fellow captive and his brother. Other than that it is a very average horror flick in the style of the latter Saw movies, but not as prepostorous as those were. It lacks psychological intense. Towards the end the plot is bereft of any original ideas.

Nabil G (us) wrote: "Controversy...what controversy?"

Scott I (br) wrote: Oh my gawd this movie was abysmal. The miracle is that such atrocious acting managed to make it into a movie that wasn't directed by Ed Wood. As I watched it I felt like my guts were going to explode. I read the book years ago and liked it. The movie, however, was the corniest travesty of all time. The most disturbing thing about it, however, is that my little girl loved it. So I'll end up sitting through the horror of watching this several more times. God have mercy on me.

Peter K (gb) wrote: Richard 'Dick' Lacey: Too bad we gotta live it forwards.

Matt L (de) wrote: To me, this film is an unsung cult classic for John Lithgow's performance.

Matt H (ca) wrote: Fun, bubbly movie featuring two great talents. Enjoyable little musical, even if the musical numbers aren't the most memorable. The movie makes a huge mistake though; near the end it gives the (supposedly) 2nd string Ann Miller the better musical numbers, and give Garland and Astaire only one musical number together, "A couple of swells." A terrible number to portray Astaire and Garland's couple dance chemistry. And Garland's character is supposed to fall totally in love with Astaire though their dancing, but we the audience never really get to see it portrayed through the movie - mostly we're just told. There's no questioning their individual talent, and together Garland and Astaire should be a great all-time dance couple; but the movie really fails to showcase their talent together. I guess I blame the musical numbers; Ann Miller surprising gets the best dance numbers, and none of the music is very memorable, and while the dancing displayed is very good, none of it is top notch. Despite these flaws, Easter Parade is probably the best of the musicals I've been watching lately; it's not a favorite genre of mine (a lot of the stories are too hokey), but I think I can watch anything with either Astaire or Garland in it. Their personalities are able to elevate the material that's given to them, in Easter Parade and also pretty much in every movie of theirs that I've seen.

Crow S (br) wrote: This one has not aged well.