Student Exchange

Student Exchange

Carol and Neil are are successful in terms of grades, but not very popular at their highschool. When Carol comes to know that two foreign exchange students from France and Italy were redirected to another school, she figures she and Neil could take their places and be in the middle of public interest for one semester.

Carol and Neil are are successful in terms of grades, but not very popular at their highschool. When Carol comes to know that two foreign exchange students from France and Italy were ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (ag) wrote: Does the film make Emily Blunt delightful and charming or is the film delightful and charming because of Emily Blunt.........3 Stars!

Tommy See the Treasure S (us) wrote: It is Christmas day and young woman named Morvern Callar(Samantha Morton) has just discovered the body of her boyfriend, an artist, who has chosen the festive holidays to commit suicide. On his computer she finds an eerily matter-of-fact suicide note with instructions to submit his manuscript to a list of publishers. Morvern weeps silently and privately over her boyfriend. She delays telling anyone about the death, not even her best friend Lanna(Kathleen McDermott). While a corpse lies frozen on the floor Morvern continues with some semblance of a normal routine: she goes to work, goes to parties, gets drunk etc. Several days go on like this. Is she afraid to acknowledge his death, afraid to let him go? But then Morvern begins to act in a very strange and unpredictable manner. Firstly she disposes of her boyfriend's body by cutting him up and burying him in the countryside. She then erases his name from his novel, replaces it with her own and takes off to Almeria, Spain, where she intends to sell it to a publisher as her own work. The darkly absurd early image of Christmas tree lights flickering on a still corpse gives us a certain clue as to what kind of movie this will be. It's a devastating opening that succeeds in grabbing the viewer's attention. But what keeps us interested is the peculiar way in which Movern goes about dealing with the death of her boyfriend. You may find yourself shocked not only by the audacity, but more so by the coldness of Morvern's actions. Why does she put her own name on that manuscript? Morvern certainly has no interest in the romance of being an artist. Her reasons for doing such a thing are purely mercenary. Her actions also provoke interesting questions about the nature of her relationship to this man. This is quite a strange movie about a rather strange woman with a very strange name. Samantha Morton gives an incredible performance, perfectly conveying the enigma that is Morvern Caller. She says little but has a menacing air about her. We don't know what mental activity goes on behind her big eyes and it's unsettling to guess at. At times, as in the beginning of the movie, she seems completely vulnerable and terrified of what the future holds in store for her. More often she appears spookily detached and supremely indifferent to the world around her. She is completely inexplicable and contradictory, and that is what makes her such a fascinating character to observe. It doesn't surprise me that Woody Allen chose Samantha Morton to portray a mute lady in Sweet and Lowdown, as I can't think of any other performer who can express so much without uttering a single word. This is the perfect role to display her talents and it's as good a performance I've ever seen from any actor or actress in recent years. This is the second movie of Lynne Ramsey, who later went on to direct the acclaimed We Need to Talk about Kevin. She's a very talented director and here she successfully creates an atmosphere of dread and foreboding. She also manages to capture a general feeling of nausea, postponement and depression, particular in the early scenes. She has a strong visual flair and an eye for stark, grotesque imagery. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Christopher H (ag) wrote: A complete lack of effort from beginning to end.

Eleanor R (br) wrote: This movie is the reason why I will never get a roommate!!

Spencer P (ru) wrote: A remarkably well-filmed modern-day fantasy that is driven by '80s sentiment but anchored by good spirits and humor.

Fred M (kr) wrote: Si a m me mandaran treinta aos atrs en el tiempo no me apurara en regresar al futuro. Me fascinara sentir cmo era en aos irrecuperables la ciudad en la que siempre estuve. Vivir los lugares antes de sus transformaciones ms recientes debe provocar una nostalgia nica de tiempos nunca conocidos.6.5/10: Muy Buena.

Antonius B (kr) wrote: You certainly don't need to be a believer to enjoy this charming film; I'm an atheist and always have. John Denver gives a nice performance as the forthright and altruistic groceryman who is called upon by God to deliver His message, and an 81-year-old George Burns is perfect in the role of the Almighty. The film delivers what I think is appropriate criticism of organized religion, distinguishing it from faith, and Paul Sorvino is great (though a little over-the-top) as a southern televangelist. I also liked the Deist position it takes, that God created the world but it's up to mankind to make of it what it will, and that kindness and brotherhood are more important than dogma. The film doesn't try to answer all of the unanswerable questions, but it does take a pretty good crack at a lot of the big ones (Q: 'Why does God allow all the suffering in the world', A: 'I don't permit it, you do. Free will: all the choices are yours.' Q: 'Was Jesus Christ your son?' A: 'Jesus was my son. Buddha was my son. Muhammad, Moses, you, the man who said there was no room at the inn was my son.' Q: 'Which of the world's religions is closest to the divine truth?' A: 'The divine truth is not in a building or a book or a story. Put down the heart is the temple where all truth resides.') This is not a fire and brimstone God, or one bent on vengeance, hell, and eternal agony for sinners and nonbelievers; this is an informal, simple, and gentle God. How refreshing, and how enlightened.

Sam S (ag) wrote: an unusual, bleak but compelling film based on a play and feels like it....but packs a punch with the realism of prison brutality, mainly with the scenes involving the character of the child molester

Adam L (fr) wrote: A bit dated/British, but good nonetheless. Peter Finch is great.

Augustine H (de) wrote: A fine neorealist movie by De Sica. The story is set at World War II, which a widow tried every means to overcome hardships to protect her daughter. At first it is pretty graceful to watch. But when it comes to the ending, it becomes catastrophic and heartbreaking. Sophia Loren gives a magnetic performance here. Just take a look at the truck scene you can know how desperate she was. Her Oscar is well deserved.

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Don S (jp) wrote: Mad scientist looking for vengeance, played perfectly by Lugosi. This is a B-movie with the requisite bad effects, but it worked well for me. O'Brien made a pretty good hero, but Kaaren was kind of manly for a damsel in distress. Not to be taken seriously; just sit back and enjoy the absurdity of it all.

Paul M (it) wrote: Almost as good as a Hitchcock film itself....well ok but good anyway.


Kevin R (it) wrote: Be proud of your talent Tinker Bell was born a fairy and assigned to be a tinkerer. Some fairies control water, sun light, air, and other natural elements, but tinkerers fix things. Tinker Bell feels that she has a higher calling than just fixing things and tries to find a new skill set. She is jealous of the other fairies because they get to go to the land of the humans and tinkerers do not. She will try everything to show the queen of the fairies she should be reassigned and sent to the land of humans. "So pretty. Who's that then?" " It's Tinker Bell, you snail brain." Bradley Raymond, director of Pochontas II, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, The Lion King 1 1/2, and Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, delivers Tinker Bell. The storyline for this picture is above average and contains solid depth and interesting characters. The action scenes are fun and the animation style is classic Disney (not Pixar style but classic Disney 2D style). The voices are very well selected and include Raven-Symone, Lucy Liu, Mae Wittman, and Kristin Chenoweth. "I've never heard of someone switching talents before." My daughter received this movie for Christmas and I was excited to watch it since I had never seen it before. It was better than I expected but not upper echelon with the all time classics. There are some great life lessons in this story and the conclusion was wonderful. I do recommend seeing this picture if you are a fan of Disney films. "I work up in the sky and you work down in a ditch." Grade: B (7.5)