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Kerry M (us) wrote: The continuous split-screen makes this an interesting an original way of watching film. This film was shot in only 13 days, yet it is well made and told in such an intriguing way that you want to follow it through til the end. Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart both give a fantastic performance.

Harry W (it) wrote: Within less than a minute of Sword Fish, I was utterly intrigued, especially because John Travolta asked the question that I've wanted to ask every movie villain in history: "What if you started killing hostages sooner?" And I'm glad that for once in a crime film, someone finally asked that.John Travolta captures the essence of a villain with greatness in Sword Fish, and his character is an empty, emotionless manipulator and really has you intimidated merely by the way he delivers his words. His performance was one of his better ones, and he really makes Sword Fish worth watching.But he's not the only reason. Hugh Jackman also gives a great performance as a character suffering the burdens of his emotional attachments, and he provides an emotionally powerful punch. Also, he luckily gets more lines than he did in X-men so we get to experience more of his dialogue skills as an actor. It's great to see such a talented Australian actor having such success.Halle Berry also matches Hugh Jackman again after they teamed up in X-men, and again they impress audiences together. And even then Halle Berry holds her own in a sexy and emotionally powerhouse performance, and she really plays a likeable character. And the fact that she was briefly topless isn't worth the controversy and press it recieved because it was brief and characterised Hugh Jackman's character, but I'm gonna say that considering the box office returns, the controversial press would have given Sword Fish more attention and boosted it's success, which is good because it deserved it.Also, although he was given a small part, Don Cheadle had some strong moments.Sword Fish also benefits from some great thrills in it's atmosphere, it's great action and the quality of the visual effects. Sword Fish is a taught drama of a crime thriller and balances it with action, and it takes the step out from being the same as every other bank robbery film ever, because it twists the story around like you wouldn't expect.It's only flaws are that there's no real resolution after the plot twist is revealed, and that it introduces new themes at random points that go unexplained and just become random in the story. But that aside, Sword Fish is a good, simple and action-packed thriller with a very talented cast and some good intensity.

Jackie (jp) wrote: Based on a true story. Great cast but other than that, nothing special.

Kevin H (mx) wrote: So much like the movie The Couch Trip that they should sue for copyright infringement...

Danny M (kr) wrote: Nice film to end the rocky films. Great story and a lot of throw backs to the first rocky film

Alonso A (us) wrote: Althought its pace is sometimes lethargic, Valhalla Rising is a visually immersive and engagin film, in a dark and brutal way.

Olivia G (br) wrote: This movie is more about its psychedelic style and its beautiful (George Harisson's) score. There is not much of a plot, just an obsession. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie. Jane Birkin was very pretty.