Stupid Boy

Stupid Boy

This coming-of-age drama deals with a young man, realizing who he really is and which things he will never do...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:French,Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   suicide,   factory,  

This coming-of-age drama deals with a young man, realizing who he really is and which things he will never do. Loic, 18 years old, being annoyed by his work in a chocolate factory, cruises ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley M (us) wrote: It was a really weird movie but it was okay in the end it was just really slow at the beginning

Michael L (jp) wrote: IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY is a very direct well-made film that is perfectly in tune with its subject matter. For the first 2/3s, the focus is on the abuse and exploitation of women in modern combat. And this is where the film excels. Telling its story matter of factly with no sentiment or high drama, BLOOD AND HONEY makes us keenly aware that the conflict in Bosnia was a modern genocide that used women as pawns, using rape as a weapon. I respect the way the film very strongly depicts what pre-war 1990s Bosnia was like--urbane, diverse, educated, and well-balanced and then the film shows how quickly and brutally that all changed. The film is staggering for its total lack of sentiment. In the last third, the film unfortunately moves away from it's central point, abuse of women, to tap into far too many areas: lack of response from western Europe, UN ineffectiveness, and most importantly, how the war was based on ethnic hatreds going back centuries. These are all great points...

Leonardo Malacay S (ag) wrote: de Rusia con amor esta extraa pelcula de ... amor claro esta

Ian C (fr) wrote: Love this flick. It is gross out comedy at its very best. Loads of great gags and Billy Bob Thornton is the balls.

Larry D (fr) wrote: great movie and funny

Jonny 9 (es) wrote: Chris Elliott's allegorical autobiography. Like his character Nathanial Mayweather, Chris Elliott was born to a very talented father (Bob Elliott) and into a lucrative family business (showbiz). Also like Nathanial, the elder's talent casts an especially harsh light on the younger's near complete lack thereof. Chris takes us as Nathanial on a metaphorical journey starting from privileged upbringing complete with shots at televisions shows, both his own and David Letterman's, based on the respect others have for his father. And like Nathanial eventually that life of ease ebbs away as Chris/Nathanial have to make it on their own talents either making a comedy or surviving on a ship called "The Filthy Whore." Neither fares well and Elliott deserves credit for taking an unflinching look at his situation and filming what he see even if only in metaphor. Like his career, little about the movie works. As a character, Nathanial grates and a lack of more attractive protagonists means little that happens provokes any empathy from the audience - The Filthy Whore could have pulled "A Perfect Storm" sinking about the 35 minute mark and no tears would have been shed. As a story, Nathanial's being thrown out of an anachronistically modern limousine only to mistake The Filthy Whore for his father's "Queen Anne" yacht works less well than your average "Two Close for Comfort" episode setup. As a comedy, even Letterman himself finds himself in a disjointed, seemingly improvised, unfunny exchange with his one-time television foil. In short, while a small, vociferous group of Elliott fans consider this a cult classic, it is only their hero-worship that makes it watchable.

Heather C (us) wrote: probably not a film for everyone. Not a whole lot of dialogue, but a gripping character study in the mind of a tortured man. You don't know if he's harmless or dangerous in some parts. Peter Greene is perfect for the role. I only wish he were in more films! Very talented!

Pia R (nl) wrote: I like Spader and I like Sarandon. Two reasons to watch thru this one from the 90s. Some good moments...

Christopher S (nl) wrote: William Klein's over the top satire is just too hokey to be really effective on any level. Though Klein does manage some of his frantic visual cleverness, the humor is too broad and the political commentary is beyond obvious. Interesting and ambitious, but it drowns itself out in cheesiness.

Aj V (de) wrote: At first, I was extremely disappointed by the fact that this movie doesn't have any vampires in it, but then I realized that that was the American title, the Italian title says Terror in Space or something, which makes more sense. Other than that, I loved the story in this movie, it's fantastic. Of course, this is a low budget sci-fi movie from the 60s, but it's pretty cool and worth watching.

Michael P (nl) wrote: Poorly acted. Poorly scripted. A wholly unsatisfying experience.

Kaung S (it) wrote: Lacking grand animation and the originality of vehicles-with-eyes world, Planes provides a less affectionate too-simple story with boring characters.

Brad S (us) wrote: I loved this film. It does the unimaginable, it brings an original concept to the rom-com genre. The script though fairly simple, is really smart. The actors are fantastic. I didn't know anything at all about the film going in, not even was the story or tagline were, and that's the best way to see it. I saw it based on the strength of the 2 leads, Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss. I was thrilled throughout the entire film and thought about it long afterwards. Unfortunately, the film won't be for everyone. All I can say is that it's smart and original, and that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Now I have to confess that I didn't watch the last few seasons of the show. After the disaster of Vincent Chases film "Medien", decided not to bother with the rest of the series. However, the film version of the series finally hit theaters, and I became immediately interested in going to watch it! After it was over, was I satisfied? Well.....kinda,,~?. One of the biggest problems which I had with this film was Kevin Dillon's character Drama. Why would he show himself off with the most disgusting traits of his personality, and at the same time trying to convince everyone that he's just misunderstood as a person!? That was completely unnecessary, and didn't add anything to this film at all! The only character who kept me invested in this film is Jeremy Piven's Ari. No matter how big of a douchebag he is, at least he adds some juice and charisma to this feature! As for the rest of the characters? Not that interesting. So, It's not the best film of the summer, and it is entertaining, but that's not saying much!

Alec B (ru) wrote: Considering the strength of the source material, its surprising the film feels so stale. The cast is alright, but one gets the sense that Lean wasn't that invested in directing this movie.

Rick L (jp) wrote: Fathers day afternoon movie with the family.