Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux

Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux


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Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux torrent reviews

Denise M (de) wrote: Bad bad bad!!! I actually give it zero stars.

Anthony A (de) wrote: One of the Best Pokemon movies that I have seen in a while!

Jeremy B (ca) wrote: Gorgeous and heartbreaking documentary.

Ajaypal S (fr) wrote: Hmmmm.........did the story ever move..........was a kind of boring movie about three friends who get drafted .........then wat.........nothing it just stayed the middle it did move a little but then again...........

Faial K (gb) wrote: Watching it a couple of years ago.. but the story is still so poignant... and one of the scenes where the mother discover that his son has died i thot is incomparable...

Sara B (kr) wrote: I've seen this before, but it was a while ago... and I enjoyed it all over again. I do love musicals, though, especially musicals where the whole cast sings like "normal" people rather than trained singers.

Lee B (au) wrote: Here is Mamet learning how to be Hollywood Mamet, which isn?t bad at all. However, I still put this below the pre-HollyMamet of House of Games to the post of Spartan, and probably ranking it just below the ?just messing with you? Spanish Prisoner. The only real complaint I have with the movie is that the non-action scenes are very, very static in almost every way. It seems more so that the scenes are made to just get the dialogue out. Now Mamet dialogue is like an action sequence, but the tone of these scenes are more serious that playful. And since they are so serious, you stand on every word and realize that a lot of it isn?t really going anywhere.But, that is the only complaint. This is a great story and evolves in a great way. It plays the reveal very well where you know what?s coming, then are surprised when it happens and still surprised when the next twist comes up. And, as always, great performances.

Stephen H (de) wrote: The best Kiwi movie I've ever seen. Black Sheep was the other one.

Konrad A (ru) wrote: I like the music. The Music is beautiful and you could like dance to this music I know I do. in this movie my favorite part is when Tarzan saves Jane from the baboons and is sliding down trees with Jane to get away from the baboons. I like the fight with Tarzan and the jaguar that was a intense fight. It is a funny movie

Kenneth B (ca) wrote: Cor blimey am I surprised at the good reviews of Driller Killer on here. First thing's first Abel Ferrara is not a good film-maker Bad Lieutenant was rubbish and even King of New York was weak, in fact Christopher Walken as Frank White was the only redeeming feature. On this evidence Ferrara is also a terrible actor, he is lethargic and without any genuine menace. The first 45 minutes or so are sluggish and not interesting. Normally this time is used to build character, situation or even motive but aside from someone not liking his painting that the doesn't even seem to like himself there is very little in that sense. When the drilling and killing begins it is aimless and is handled in such a way that reminded me of that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Lancelot the Brave is rampaging through Swamp Castle killing everyone in sight without discrimination, only this time Abel Ferrara is aimlessly rampaging through New York drilling homeless people to death. It is so poorly conceived at times that I couldn't help thinking of Monty Python, which predated Driller Killer incidentally.This is woeful, aimless, plotless, characterless and without even a single redeeming feature.

Eric F (mx) wrote: I've always thought that it doesn't take a great director to make a powerful film about war. And, even moreso, it doesn't take a great movie to create a brooding and depressing look at the Holocaust. I wouldn't necessarily call it blatant exploitation when a director chooses to film this sort of material, but at all time these films certainly set out to give us a constant reminder of the horrors of the world's past. Some people would settle for nothing more than a recreation of images to evoke these emotions from the viewer, but Lina Wertmller certainly isn't going to be satisfied with that. She doesn't just give us a film about the Holocaust... she gives us a film about a loss of honor, dignity, and complete and utter selfishness.The hero of "Seven Beauties" isn't much of a hero at all. His name is Pasqualino Frafuso (Giancarlo Giannini) and he was born with seven sisters. Throughout his life he's surrounded himself by women - we get a sense that he's the ultimate playboy based on his interactions with females in the streets. He thinks of himself as nothing less than a God, completely undisturbed by anything. However, shortly after the film starts, Pasqualino finds out that one of his sisters has become a prostitute. Outraged, he chooses to kill the pimp and he dismembers the body, shipping parts two three different countries. Eventually he confesses, is brought to trial, ends up in prison, pleads insanity and is transferred to the loony bin, and then joins Mussolini's Italian army. His final step, of course, is being captured by the Nazi's and brought to a concentration camp.At the concentration camp, Pasqualino soon realizes that his only chance of survival is to seduce a cruel female guard. She a hefty woman void of any compassion, and she carries around a whip as if it was a child's toy. This leads to perhaps one of the most uncomfortable moments in film history where he has sex (well, tries to) with her, when the guard has made her intentions known that she'll kill him when he's finished. Giancarlo Giannini gets across his humiliation in this scene so well that the audience feels like they're standing naked in front of a crowd. It's the most disturbing and uncomfortable thing you could possibly watch. The ultimate loss of dignity and self-respect. The odd thing about "Seven Beauties" is that our "hero" never really changes. In an emotional standpoint he certainly becomes more self aware, but his actions are never heroic at all in nature. At the beginning of the film he's selfish and despicable... and that's how he is at the end of the film, too. In fact, with the exception of the female guard, he seems to be the least likable person in the entire film. It's extremely interesting to follow a character that is essentially noting more than scum for the duration of a film... we're even with him as he rapes a tied down patient in a mental hospital.If you're reading this, i'm sure you're thinking this sounds like the darkest movie there's ever been. Oddly enough, it's part comedy. Yes, that's right - comedy. A darker comedy you're unlikely to find. Even though Giancarlo Giannini was wonderful in his comedic scenes, I found it impossible to ever laugh along with him. Some of the more slapstick scenes are scenes involving him preparing to chop up a dead body, or even the scene where he makes love to the guard. It'd take a completely insensitive person to laugh at all of the misery and anguish on screen... but at the same time, there's not really much you can do other than laugh. This is a film that shows little hope. Even in it's climax, it seems the film is nothing more than a tale of a miserable person, and the hopeless nature of our world. Pasqualino feels like no one is to be trusted, and that World War II is the first of many horrors to come."Seven Beauties" is especially unique for it's time not only in it's subject matter and excruciatingly dark tone, but for the fact that the bulk of it's story is presented in flashback. This is a film several decades ahead of it's time. Also, while watching this film, it'll without a doubt bring up memories of "Life is Beautiful"... but just remember, Giancarlo Giannini is no Robert Benigni. This film is not about a hero. It's about a despicable person against an army of despicable people.

Alden S (ca) wrote: 10 out of 10:Intense, terrifying, and well acted, Deliverance stands as one of the most classic thrillers.

Pablo G (ca) wrote: Sin has never been so disturbing like in The Devils. The story is both real and in the eye of the espectator a fantasy-like nightmare, and as a film it aims to shock and indeed it does as well as it succeeds in being a movie that takes advantage of its medieval setting that as society modernizes it gets more and more bizzarre.

Tishka F (ca) wrote: Everything was periphery to Redford ...

Deb S (br) wrote: Plot: A notorious serial killer wrecks havoc on a bunch of misfits who were discussing the different ways they would execute him not knowing he's in the midst of them listening! The story takes place in a grocery/liquor store where the owner and some friends play poker. One by one they check it out and never come back. We have the hallucinating drug addict who is suffering from heroin withdrawals with a phobia of cockroaches, a phone sex operator addicted to ice cream, a liquor store owner addicted to alcohol, a fat guy addicted to donuts, and a hot scantily clad hooker. Meanwhile the killer wears a mask with a zipper mouth and leather gloves as he attacks his victims. This is the kind of slasher film which will have many yelling at the screen "Don't go down there ALONE!" as the film is entirely focused on a single store, so that we experience the victims' terror and confusion as their friends disappear one by one.

Amanda M (gb) wrote: There's little logic to this film but some interesting cinematography for a low-grade B and Lugosi is always awesome.

Deena D (ag) wrote: Part 1 & 2 are waaaaay better!!!

Nikhil M (it) wrote: The screenplay doesn't lives up to the mark but the character of Chevy Chase is still funny. The dialogues given to him has that sarcasm which was clearly visible in the first movie.