Style is a 2001 Bollywood low-budget film mostly regarded as a forgettable romantic-comedy caper by critics. Even though the movie was greatly criticized, it was a commercial success.

Bantu and Chantu are two close friends and fellow collegians in an Arts & Science College in Bombay, India. Both are up to no good practical pranks and jokes, including conning their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dario G (gb) wrote: kinda like a twilight zone episode

Khalid S (gb) wrote: Nice making in the first attempt!Story may b poor but making was vry gorgeous.Nirjhar must be appraised N encouraged to carry on.

Walter M (ru) wrote: In "Columbus Circle," Hilary Lonnigan(Bette Beatrice) is dead, having apparently fallen down a flight of stairs in her luxury apartment. Except New York City Police Detective Frank Giardello(Giovanni Ribisi) isn't so sure, suspecting foul play. However, he finds no help either way from her neighbor Abigail Clayton(Selma Blair) who only interacts with Klandermann(Kevin Pollak, who wrote the script with director George Gallo), the friendly concierge, in the building. Abigail has also had her eye on the other apartment for quite a while and is therefore distressed when Lillian(Amy Smart) and Charles(Jason Lee) take possession of it. "Columbus Circle" is so old school that it actually has an opening title sequence and a character who writes letters while reminding me greatly of classic psychological thrillers starring Olivia de Havilland. As far as the present day goes, Selma Blair is a pretty good replacement with her side long glances while Giovanni Ribisi proves that he can play a normal character(who probably still has some literal skeletons in his closet) for a change. But with any lazy homage to old movies, the story turns out to be very predictable with more than its share of plot holes.(Who cleans Abigail's apartment, by the way?) While I agree there is no such thing as a criminal mastermind, it would be nice to see some professional pride from a movie's villains. So, as you can see, there is a lot of sludge to get through before the movie's dandy kicker of an ending.

Olivia V (gb) wrote: A piece of Australian shit. Watching 10 minutes of this was a major ordeal

John T (de) wrote: A group of girls decide to do a fast and only drink water for a few days. In order to do this for some reason they have to go out into the middle of the woods. Why they can't just not eat at home, I have no idea. This proves to be a shitty idea as they become bored out of their minds and then start going crazy. Hallucinations galore.Everyone has an accent which is kind of annoying because it's difficult to understand sometimes.The audio is bad ass! They have all kinds of birds chirping, leaves rustling, wind blowing. You feel like you're in the woods. Then they bust out with some crazy creepy ass sounds. Heavy breathing. Weird organs, whatever. It's incredible.It's a bit like an art film as they start showing weird images without any talking for an hour. And I mean some strange shit.After an hour you realize despite seeing plenty of pretty pictures, nothing really happened...And for the record, just if you say something slowly with an accent, does not make it sound more intelligent. When you're stupidly babbling it just makes you sound that much more annoying and pretentious.I think they had an awesome sound guy, an awesome director, an awesome editor, but they really didn't have anything to work with. A shit script, some shitty footage, and some shitty actors. This is about as good as it could have been with what they had.

Andy G (fr) wrote: no es buena pero es graciosa

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: Lightsabers? They're only a reflection, an update, but a sure marker of one of the oldest and surest of entertainment outings: the adventure tale. And what could be more thrilling than a knife fight? What about if ya give 'em big knives? And lo, the swashbuckler is born.In this one Tyrone Power (the weakest link here, w/o the dash the role requires), a common, drunken pirate, battles for the reluctant heart of Maureen O'Hara, a fancy Miss Pris lady against a whole slew of dirty, pirating types. George Sanders (the best thing in the movie), Anthony Quinn and Thomas Mitchell lend able, reliable yet unsung support.Big-time old school fun.

Stan D (us) wrote: This is the story of a senator who decides to tell the truth about politics and the big money contributors who control both major political parties. The movie makes valid and truthful criticisms of the current system, that have yet to change. Starring Warren Beatty, with Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Jack Warden and Paul Sorvino.

Jackie J (de) wrote: I cannot believe I have missed so many of his movies--THANKS FLIXTER!

Benjamin N (ca) wrote: Quite an interesting little film.

jay n (de) wrote: Average actioner with the uniqueness of being set during the early American days just after the French-English conflict when settlers and the English army were in an uneasy cohabitation. Sanders is his usual exemplary snob and really makes something out of what could have been a nothing part. Wayne and Claire Trevor are okay although both seem too contemporary to really be believable as frontier types.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Classic Charlie Chaplin movie. Complete with the usual incredibly creative visual comedy and romantic angle. Very funny. Contains some of Chaplin's most memorable and iconic scenes: the stewed boot, the dancing bread rolls (revived for a modern audience by Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon), the cabin on the edge of a cliff (which must have inspired scores of cartoon scenes).Incredibly innovative cinematography for 1925. The chicken illusion scene must have been very original and technologically advanced for its time.One disappointment, however. I saw the 1942 revised version of the movie, wherein Chaplin replaced the written dialogue with narration and added a more in-sync score. No issues with the score, but the narration spoils the movie, to an extent. The great thing about silent movies is figuring out the jokes and plot just by the visual medium. With the narration, it feels like you are spoon-fed the jokes and plot, and makes the whole movie feel dumbed-down.I haven't seen the 1925 version but I imagine I would enjoy that more.

Seonaid M (nl) wrote: Classic 70's feel to this dull storyline

David J (gb) wrote: "Killing Them Softly" is a gritty mafia flick with a unique atmosphere, a dark sense of humor, and an underlying economic message.