Suave patria

Suave patria

Oscar and Arthur are two actors without fortune who survive unemployment with a routine street, where one represents the thief and the other to the police. Thanks to this performance are "hired" by Mr. Mauricio Tavares to play a practical joke on dangerous Don Antonio Robledo, a senior executive who suffer a fictional kidnapping for later culminate in a surprise party.

Two friends who wants to work as an actors get involved with a corrupt cop and an evil business man to complete an assignment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edu M (ru) wrote: Rubbish. A bunch of cliches without sense.

Dennis L (it) wrote: Is this a joke movie?

Juliana K (ru) wrote: Iran: The country where you'll be hounded like a dog, by the morality police, cos you are like the dog if you don 't live by the Mullah's rules.

Robyn N (br) wrote: "The Lord will fight for you; you have only to be still."The oddly and evocatively titled "Small Town Murder Songs" is a stark, powerful drama that in brief outline can sound mistakenly as it turns out -- very much like a police procedural. Instead, it's a character study about a man desperately trying to hold onto some sense of himself while squeezed in a psychological, spiritual, and professional vise. Toronto writer/director Gass-Donnelly combines powerful imagery to a thundering score rich in percussion and choral singing, created by Bruce Peninsula. Rarely does cinema and music mesh as boldly as this. It's a fairly straightforward movie told in a very brief 75 minutes -- every scene carries weight, and nothing is wasted.Set in a tiny Mennonite community in the lovely rural heartlands outside of London, Ontario, where Walter (Peter Stormare) is an aging police officer who is investigating the murder of a young women whose naked body was found dumped in the weeds on the outskirts of town. Walter must do his job, but his current investigation involves something from his past. He is a man haunted with regret, searching for forgiveness and deliverance, which only accentuates the poignancy of his current situation.Stormare delivers a tremendous performance, completely inhabiting his character. He superbly conveys the interior torment of a violent man attempting to live and work as a peacemaker, but you have to wonder if he couldn't have used a bit more of a back story. The story is so lean, we really don't know enough about Walter to fully appreciate the burden he must bear. The musical score elevates this otherwise bare film, truly enhancing this simple story while adding emotional depth in place of the ambiguity of its characters. Between Stormare's performance, the cinematography, and the forceful atmospheric music, "Small Town Murder Songs" achieves a unique kind of splendor.

David S (au) wrote: terrible characters, terrible plot, terrible movie

Stephen E (au) wrote: Aside from a couple parts, "Dark Blue" manages to be an exceptional crime drama. I don't understand why it was so badly received.

Radovan R (it) wrote: He thought he'd seen it all, until the night he saw too much.

Ahmed M (gb) wrote: Twilight fans will like this movie, whereas the casual movie-goer will dislike this movie, quite a lot.

Johnathan M (mx) wrote: Worse than bad Biola student films.

mirabella 1 (ca) wrote: SEVEN UP Series (1964-->onwards)Directed by Michael Apted.This realism-style of documentary film-making was truly innovative in its time, a fact that in these days of 24hr-a-day Reality TV one can easily overlook.Director, Apted, did not select particularly special children & yet, each in their own way, IS special. One feels privileged to be permitted to share a little of their lives & the journeys that those lives take them on.It is also interesting (& sometimes confronting) to recognise parallels in one's own life to those seen on screen & has certainly given me pause to think at times.I don't believe a film-maker could hope to achieve more than that.****4 & a half out of 5 stars****(This R/V applies equally to all films in the series.)

Scott R (gb) wrote: One of the best westerns of all time. This is also Clint Eastwood's best movie in my opinion.

Carl N (fr) wrote: I first watched this film when I was too young to understand what was going on? The cat eating scene remained in my mind to this very day. So it was great to experience this film now, and to realise that the cat scene was not as shocking and horrific as I remembered as a lad. Robert Quarry is no Christopher Lee, but this is a fun campy vampire film.

Craig N (br) wrote: I am a huge Hitchcock fan - and I never saw this one.. Definitely not one of his normal films (but you can see much of his directing in this).. This is a political thriller;... It is is not one his better films, but I was entertained (but remember I am biased)...

Guy C (it) wrote: Very good movie, charming and real, feel sorry for him at the end.

Dynamo K (de) wrote: What you'll take home from it: -India is secretly filled with Irish people, or leprechauns. -Every temple has its hidden treasures, and lepers. -American architects can outwit a pack of tigers better than anyone trained in any profession, including zoology. -If your lost in a desert and dying of fatigue and dehydration, you should give your horse (who will die much sooner than you) a portion of the canteen of water your carrying so that you can feel better about its misfortune before you shoot and kill it.

Zane P (nl) wrote: Unnecessary love story that made no sense with the plot.

Jennifer B (jp) wrote: Really cheesey 80s music, super cheesey relationship drama

Miguel T (it) wrote: Its far from perfect but it is a light and fun movie

Mitchell M (es) wrote: Capably acted and surprisingly sweet, "Knocked Up" offers Judd Apatow's trademark raunch but with uncommon wit and sympathy.

Nicole R (au) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie until the end... clearly they were goin for a "The Mist"-esque ending but didn't quite pull it off. I cant thunk of at least 3 endings that would have been better... but aside from that, I enjoyed it.