Subah Ka Tara

Subah Ka Tara


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alex p (de) wrote: Cute movie where rough boy get stranded on desert island with perfect girl they have sex and fall in love... get rescued and beating all odds of survival and public opinions end together in the rain.

Vinouel John L (us) wrote: This film is preposterous, reprehensible, repugnant and dismaying; a vacuous love story it is. Not only does it offer a prosy tale, the lead actors failed to embody their roles as well. The origin of "aswang" is beyond our ken, but we won't believe that it must have been something like this.

Olly H (es) wrote: der zweite teil der "hass trilogie" von sion sono ist harter stoff, krank, pervers und nichts fr menschen mit unruhigen magen...aber durchaus sehenswert

Kyle C (jp) wrote: Bleak and deeply intelligent film for adults.

Fernanda G (us) wrote: Ohh!! I want to see it! Rodrigo Santoro is in this movie! A great brazilian actor! Love him!!!

Nathan C (es) wrote: I suppose this film must be decent, because it made me feel angry - only at this particular sect that went and did this horrible act that cannot be wiped from history. But this is a better made film than most make it out to be. The actors in it were compelling, Utah scenery was beautiful, and, as manipulative as this movie is in pulling all the strings, it ended up being effective even amidst the flashy gore. Ambiguities of whether LDS authorities were really involved aside, it's a surprisingly accurate look at an American atrocity.

Samantha L (fr) wrote: great film made me laugh

frank c (fr) wrote: Put four superbly talented actors together onscreen, and typically you'll get a good result. However, Carnage is good not just because of the caliber of cast it boasts, but because of tremendous material with confident direction.The material is uniquely comedic, providing a deeply satirical take on the political correctness and pervasive self-importance that is present among the well off and the well educated. While the film itself is less than 80 minutes long, the dialogue is nonstop and the setting and props play a crucial role in the proceedings. This all makes sense given that the film drew inspiration from a play, which lends itself to a refreshing adaptation on the big screen.

Lorraine C (mx) wrote: Fanny Ardant is phenomenal as the legendary sensation, Maria Callas. Ardant captures Callas' passion and larger then life personality beautifully. Bravo!

Aldo M (ru) wrote: Buena pelicula de Tim Allen.

Dasha H (nl) wrote: I haven't laughed this hard in a while. This movie is pretty fucking awesome!

Saurabh K (us) wrote: Police Academy- 4/10

Ryan P (nl) wrote: Robin Willams made good movies including Disney you stupid Critics