Admitted to Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure, George Grieves discovers that his condition is much more serious and complicated than originally expected; and as his own fears begin to manifest around him, he learns that Mt. Abaddon is not a place where people come to get better... it is a place where people come to die.

On the day after his fortieth birthday, the family man and computer analyst George Grieves goes to the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure of colonoscopy with Dr. Sharazi. Along ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sublime torrent reviews

andy b (gb) wrote: The tremendous journey of Sue and the people that brought her back to life.

Howard S (es) wrote: A Korean movie about a deadly Flu epidemic.

Tracy C (de) wrote: OMG so bad. Unwatchable.

Nick M (ru) wrote: Not a bad Christian thriller movie, just not perfect. The storyline was quite interesting and showed a side of the church that most of us don't see. The idea that people of the church who aren't deemed perfect should be kicked out. Other than the storyline, the movie also had some scenes that were truly heart-pounding and left me breathless. On top of all this, the acting was also quite good. Stephen Caudill was good as Pastor Evan Burke, Carrie Walrond was good as Nora Burke, but who really stole the show were Jackie Prucha as the strange Miss Pat and Brandon O'Dell as the mysterious Elijah Hinton.

Jeremy D (fr) wrote: Very slow and hard to follow, even though I know the real story.

Xime F (de) wrote: Talented cast, depressing story, one of life's hardest times. Nothing new to the world of cinema but an intense storyline.

Luca B (kr) wrote: Nella speranza che il film abbia dipinto un quadro della situazione eccessivo...

Marianna J (gb) wrote: That was a very intense experience! Marvellous acting!

Stuart E (fr) wrote: This movie is about butts, and is about as good as a movie solely about butts can be. So, not a complete waste of time.

Hunter M (nl) wrote: Love the movie, it is my favorite toy story not far ahead of the third one.

Mark K (it) wrote: I thought this was a wonderful movie.... too bad some people seem to dismiss.. Kevin Costner....

Jevro W (mx) wrote: Not sure if it's my cold or this movie but I now have a headache. This predecessor to Requiem for a Dream is just as much of a head fuck , but this guy is just the best director. loved it

Melba D (gb) wrote: Great, rooted, warm and heartfelt movie!!

Bradley K (us) wrote: Both stylish and poignant.

Eduardo C (ag) wrote: Dean Martin is old and looks like an alcoholic, tha action is terrible, the jokes awful... LOVE IT. The best is Lalo Schifrin's music, and Ann-Margret dancing.

Lee M (gb) wrote: The novelty of this Australian working class comedy of manners is that sexual orientation is not a problem. Father and gay son (nicely played by Russell Crowe) enjoy the kind of warm, amiable relationship that's unheard of and unseen in American films of the early 1990s.