In wartime France, Pharmacist Elaine (Lisa Gastoni) begins a torrid affair with her shop assistant Armand (Franco Nero), but she soon becomes dominated by him. He demands more & more from her, humiliating her & putting her family at risk.

1940 France just before the great invasion. Eliane is a pharmacist who is married to her dull husband and has a teenage daughter. Eliane is an attractive woman who has let her passion fall ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cem Regi Pixelmannen (es) wrote: Not bad story, but most of the movie was riddiculus

Ahmed M (kr) wrote: It's humorous and is entertaining, but not on-par with the animated movie standard.

Kyle K (mx) wrote: Another decent Ben Affleck movie that was quickly forgotten. I thought it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Kay L (mx) wrote: I love the music and the story...

Ken T (jp) wrote: A meticulously observed portrait of peasant life in northern Italy in the late 19th century. Olmi uses mostly medium to longer distance shots, naturalistic lighting, and wonderful music to make a very "real" atmosphere - almost as though the viewer is watching life through a time porthole. He also keeps his shots short or seemingly cuts off scenes which prevents the viewer from really getting to know many of the characters. But through the community and their religion their roles in their society are clearly described. The title refers to a tree in the landlord's precious grove that a peasant cuts down to make shoes for his son to walk to school. Despite very little plot, the film is always a joy to watch and the 3 hour runtime passes very quickly.

Eric N (jp) wrote: The show, obviously, was brilliant. Unfortunately, the film wasn't executed very well, and even these fantastic actors, playing the roles they knew so well, couldn't rescue it. Still, the film has some good moments of its own.

J M (es) wrote: A spirited thriller with Mimieux smokin' it up and TLJ doing some macho crap.

Lisa G (it) wrote: i have heard that this is Yyvonne deCarlo's best perfomance

Anne B (br) wrote: this is not a very entertaining movie. it is good in spots, but seems dated and over acted throughout.

Knox M (fr) wrote: For Your Eyes Only is the second best Roger Moore, and it as realistic as Bond got until Licence to Kill.

Greg W (gb) wrote: well crafted adult movie! who knew?

Casey W (jp) wrote: This one will surprise you. Great score is a bonus.