Ever bought a used car from a dealer before? Want to know what REALLY happens behind the scenes? This movie offers some insight through the eyes of one of the dealers.

Ever bought a used car from a dealer before? Want to know what REALLY happens behind the scenes? This movie offers some insight through the eyes of one of the dealers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ernest C (br) wrote: This documentary seeks to go to the core of Lance Armstrong's rise and fall, with interviews from those who knew the truth during that time. It does not seek to slant the story in a particular way but to let the facts speak for themselves. With this tale, the truth itself is a sufficient indictment on the ruthlessness, hypocrisy and lengths he went to just to be considered a winner.

Jeffrey S (br) wrote: this movie is so funny

Lisa B (br) wrote: The only thing scary about his movie is the acting!

Stephen S (mx) wrote: it Sammi's movie. her name alone is 3 stars liao!. but this is really gd, not her usual rom-com, more in-depth acting n she did a hell of a job

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Not the movie that Paramount promoted. This is an emotionally intelligent film about an aging mother and middle-aged son. One of the best American films I've seen to take an honest, but sensitive glance into the relationship of mothers and sons. This is not a typical Hollywood bathroom humor movie nor is it a typical Streisand or Rogen movie. Even the synopsis is off on this site. Excellent performances and a quietly powerful film that will make you chuckle a few times but more importantly sparks ideas about parent to child and child to parent relationships. This film is grounded in reality. I strongly disagree with the majority of film critics who I normally tend to agree with. It felt like they went to a different movie. See it.

Jonathan S (us) wrote: The best movie featuring magnified lizards with bonnets. Claude Rains is most welcome as Professor Challenger.

Ron S (mx) wrote: Dark, disturbing, eclectic ... damn good movie. Remind me never to live near a bog.

Joseph G (br) wrote: I gotta say, for a silly animation this one is the best since Toy story 1 and 2.

Wes S (br) wrote: While the concept isn't too bad, and the movie actually well written for its type, it's still a sluggish forgettable movie with lackluster characters and bad computer imagery. Lance is the most noticeable thing about the movie, and is worth the watch, though its far from his most memorable role. Everything else about the movie is a hit or miss.

Peter W (jp) wrote: Not brilliant, not thrilling... just good.

John T (gb) wrote: David Lynch vampire movie.

Joel M (us) wrote: Best movie cholo movie made.

darren m (ca) wrote: ending is twisted but ends very strangely

Edward C (it) wrote: You know how there's always some movie you always meant to see? Well, it only took me 28 years but I finally watched Franco Zeffirelli's bland adaptation of Scott Spenser's dark novel of sexual passion and obsessive love. I can't imagine what provoked me to read the book. I was 15 and it was way outside my usual reading parameters. But even with the intervention of 28 years worth of dimming memory I can tell that this movie bears very little resemblance to a novel that shocked me even though I'd been reading my parents' porn stash for years. Zeffirelli films have many problems but he does have an eye for beautiful young men. Martin Hewitt as David is gorgeous. AND! This is Tom Cruise's first movie. In his only scene in the film he is wearing these tiny little shorts, strips off his shirt, and lays down in the grass as the camera observes him lovingly.

Deven W (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies Ive ever seen ever! Shameful towards the Uncle Remus stories

Michael B (fr) wrote: Solid little detective film with some strong moments. Could have been better with regards to pacing and twists. Val Kilmer is not at his best but he is still good. So its no True Romance but a good crime drama.