Sudden Fear

Sudden Fear

Actor Lester Blaine has all but landed the lead in Myra Hudson's new play when Myra vetoes him because, to her, he doesn't look like a "romantic leading man." On a train from New York to San Francisco, Blaine sets out to prove Myra romancing her. Is he sincere, or does he have a dark ulterior motive?

After an ambitious actor insinuates himself into the life of a wealthy middle-aged playwright and marries her, he plots with his mistress to murder her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen R (ca) wrote: Preview on Tooth Fairy DVD

Lo Kin Hei (ag) wrote: a sweet german film. good performance from the actors/actresses, and the director crafted the life in Cambodia.btw, the leading actress, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, is very attractive

Irena P (it) wrote: movie night with Dad...and he loves movies like this. So one star for gorgeous Penelope, and one star for lovely Salma. Apart from that, the movie is crap.

Monet J (br) wrote: I really like this movie..b/c well i like lindsay lohan as an actress when she isn't a crack whore.

Ty Q (br) wrote: Society can be unfair. Two people may be more deeply in love than anyone could ever imagine, but if they don't fit the criteria of the image society expects, it doesn't matter. No movie I've seen tells that story better than this one. Tori and Piper are young women madly in love with each other, but Tori's family is full of homophobes, so when Tori's sister finds Tori and Piper in bed together, Tori lies out of her teeth so her family won't disown her. As a result; however, she must disown Piper and her love for her. Life is not always fair. It can be cruel and unjust, and Tori's reaction to adversity serves as a perfect example of all that is wrong with people. When you truly love someone, own it no matter what is thrown at you. Piper did and she put all her life in it. As she said in the movie, "You don't choose who you love. Love chooses you."Passionate acting combined with a chilling story makes this movie a must-see for all deep thinkers and those with thick skin. While this movie is not for the faint of heart, I still believe it would do them some good to see this.

Fong K (es) wrote: viewed on 16/9/04 (Thurs)I was trying to find another critic who hates this movie. Too bad, Uncler Ebert likes it alot too. For me, it is messy. So many questions left in the cold. The hunting accident. How does that fit into the story? Why did Nick Nolte's girlfriend hates him so much that she opts to leave? Some movies choose to say little to mean alot. I wish this one will really say more to mean more. Rating: D

Matthew F (gb) wrote: Smart historical drama. Doesn't tell the audience what to think, simply presents us with the tragic tale and lets us make up our own minds. The film also looks great and has a haunting score.

Aaron B (fr) wrote: this movie was retarded, don't waste your time

Gmd E (fr) wrote: Yes,Lucas made a masterpiece before Star Wars.

Greg W (gb) wrote: good remake of the 1995 Japanese pic of the same name

Gman H (ru) wrote: I almost turned this off, but I stuck with it til the end hoping that it would improve, it didn't.Some funny moments here & there, just not enough of them. It's never good when a 90 minute movie feels like 2 hours+Generous score considering. [4/10]

Serge L (nl) wrote: I was overdue to see this. Pretty good animation. Irreverent story. Felt like I knew the characters from another movie or time.

Marcus H (nl) wrote: HOLY CRAP WATCH THIS !!! The action here hasn't been topped