Suddenly It's Magic

Suddenly It's Magic

The story depicts two star-crossed lovers: Marcus Hanson, a Thai superstar, and Joey Hermosa, a Filipina baker. When Marcus decides to fly to Philippines to escape from his career, he meets Joey. Even though their worlds collide, the two later fall in love. But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds.

Joey Hermosa (Erich Gonzales) and Marcus Hanson (Mario Maurer) only have two things in common. One: they live to make fairy-tale romances happen - Joey through her exquisite wedding cakes; ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew D (jp) wrote: It begs comparisons to the better films of the Coen brothers, and we are happy to abide. This films is intense, smart, well-acted, well-crafted, and very, very low budget. With that in mind, it almost seems impossible what director Saulnier has pulled off, but he did it, and at this rate, he's gonna keep at it for a while, and that's all I can hope for.

Geoffrey T (au) wrote: This movie is kind of like if you took the sense of humor of Dexter and obliterated all of the psychological depth. That doesn't mean this movie is bad. It's pretty funny a lot of the time actually, using pitch black humor all the way through. It's just kind of empty when you inevitably think of a much deeper, fully-realized piece of art that did everything this movie did years before it, and much more, of course.

Lansden S (nl) wrote: Not even Christina Applegate can save this hideous trash of a movie

JJ M (mx) wrote: Another extraordinary film by de Heer and performance by Gulpillul. Some great imagery and artwork use in a tale that reminds us of the despicable and murderous Australian past which is too confronting for the mainstream.

Bjorn O (mx) wrote: Nu har jag sett den helt oklippta, det som var bortklippt var karatepinnar, kaststjrnor,tuppfktning och en del mord.Jag tyckte inte filmen blev bttre, vill nn kpa tyska bokutgvan s hr av er, 100 pix vill jag ha, d bjuder jag p frakten.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Weak western plot, but the fact it seems to be retrospective on the classic Hollywood genre at a time were more complex stories are in demand makes this watchable.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Wonderful film! Very sad, and it sickens me that some people who knows they were guilty of the horrific crimes they committed, get to go Scott free!