Sueño y silencio

Sueño y silencio


Oriol and Yolanda live in Paris with their two daughters. During a vacation they suffer a car accident that will change their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sueño y silencio torrent reviews

Prattay S (mx) wrote: totally worth of watching... the story was good so was the casting...

Mrer T (gb) wrote: The only reason why i wanted to see it was because it was shot in my home town. The production name was Buzzkill, which cameos as a marketing line: The ultimate Buzzkill. Yep, that sums it up.

Amy M (ru) wrote: Pretty standard "quirky" film. The main character was likable enough, but the plot was thin and the ending was, although realistic, a bit of a letdown.

Christopher K (fr) wrote: surprisingly enjoyable.

Sarah G (au) wrote: Max Minghella is my new man. I swear, not only is he wonderful to look at, he actually has a brain and good acting skills. Amazing, I know.

Bill L (ca) wrote: It was a very good movie, kind of heartfelt and touching.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Monday July 10, 2010 (2008) I Served The King of England (In Czech Republic with English subtitles) DRAMA This film is more like the adventures of Jan Dite played by Ivan Barney than what the title of this film insinuates. Anybody familar with films such as Barry Lyndon or Benjamin Button should enjoy this film as well where the narrator realvaluates his adventures while living on Prag and so forth.... This film is never boring for his retelling of his life was somewhat a fascinating retale of one`s life! 3 out of 4

Jocey D (it) wrote: Adorable but Flat and predictable.

Bill M (us) wrote: Great watching for a rainy Saturday night. A fantasy spun from glass. A complex look at who we are.

David F (ca) wrote: Creepy. Great Michael Keaton.

Mireille H (kr) wrote: great film, funny weird and excellent performances

Tim W (br) wrote: A perfect example of what was considered comedy by many in 1977 Britain.


Joshua E (ag) wrote: Yeah this is a pretty dumb movie. It's worth noticing that all throughout the marketing, we see our female lead [Victoria justice] that turns into the werewolf being exploited as a half girl half werewolf type deal. The problem is we don't see so much of her as a werewolf. Even when we see her transform, it isn't even convincing. Which is sad because this could've been a really cool dark horror comedy. But it isn't. Thanks to its lousy script, boring characters, and nonsensical endeavors. Thanks Nickelodeon for another 80 minutes wasted. If rather be eaten by a werewolf. They're not hard to find around here.