Ferdinand de Lesseps, disappointed in love, is sent as a junior diplomat to the Isthmus of Suez, and realizes it's just the place for a canal.

Ferdinand de Lesseps, disappointed in love, is sent as a junior diplomat to the Isthmus of Suez, and realizes it's just the place for a canal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea C (us) wrote: Thought provoking, not bad for a directorial debut.

Matt V (ag) wrote: A horror film with a large animal that did not include a topless chick. Go figure. The croc should have had a fricken laser on it's head.

Ira P (es) wrote: For reasons I can't explain, I've always been a sucker for a bittersweet lesbian coming of age story. As this one is French, it doesn't shy away from the reality teenage sexual awakening the way an American movie about girls of this age almost certainly would... unless written by Harmony Korine.

Jake (br) wrote: One of the better documentaries I have seen. It manages to be both socially relevant and provogative, and also very artistic. That seems like quite an accomblishment to me. It did drag on a bit though.

Ryan J (br) wrote: Biological bombs have been detonated around downtown Los Angeles and the smoke and ash that follows has locked down the surrounding areas also, people are making their houses airtight as to keep the poison out but many are left out to die. The film focuses on Brad and Lexi who have just moved into their new home, Lexi heading to work when it happens and out of work musician Brad tries to get into town to rescue her but is thwarted at every turn, he doesn't hear from her and is worried so he seals himself in the house. Lexi turns up, sick. The military rule is seeking out the infected. It's a decently made film and well shot. The kicker is a little telegraphed but it's still worth watching.

Jenn B (it) wrote: Kat dennings wrote about it on her blog.

Allie G (ag) wrote: can't remember haven't seen since I was 5

Theo M (br) wrote: The fairy tale of Snow White with not such a convincing horror twist... The first part of the movie is much better than the last part. The second part is just the common ending of any horror movie, in this case with - surprise surprise - Snow White as the last girl standing.

Russell G (jp) wrote: John Travolta plays a Miami mafia enforcer goes to Vegas to collect a debt. He does so amidst shifting scene in the underground crime world Miami. The plot thickens when he must collect from a movie producer who is even more in debt. When mafia man gets to Los Angeles he finds the money, he hits more complications. That money is part of a movie industry investment that could make an even larger return. The collector decides to push the production of the movie to take a cut before returning with the debt. This is a highly entertaining comedy storyline with a large set of interesting characters. Travolta is a delight in the main role of the mafia collector turned movie maker. His aggressive and direct way of dealing with people turns out to be a funny juxtaposition to the flaky passive-aggressive Los Angeles film executives and stars. In addition to Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito, Dennis Farina, and Delroy Lindo all make for a talented cast. The depth of the cast helps each member of the large set of characters have a meaningful individual impact that strengthens the story. The result of having several characters operating independently with their own unrelated agendas is a brilliantly funny perfectly constructed commotion. The involved plot goes in unexpected directions, and separate story lines converge in rewarding ways. It becomes stranger, funnier, and more enjoyable with each level of development.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Concept is imaginative, but the execution bad--Not Quite!!

Dave H (it) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.