Siv works as a prompter for the Norwegian opera. As the rehearsals for Aida starts, she marries a demanding man, Fred, who still has a strong connection to his ex-wife. Starting at her ...

Siv works as a prompter for the Norwegian opera. As the rehearsals for Aida starts, she marries a demanding man, Fred, who still has a strong connection to his ex-wife. Starting at her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Suffløsen torrent reviews

Asavari M (ag) wrote: From the opening scene i was hooked on this movie, it was something i've never seen before and never felt before watching a movie. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play their characters with such perfection that you forget that you are watching a movie and feel like it's all happening right in front of you. While watching this movie i at so many instances felt that what the character was feeling in that moment i could relate to that and one of the scenes when Emma Stone's character says Maybe i am not just good enough to do this and that hits a little close to home. This movie relates so well to each one of us in different ways, maybe you relate to the romantic factor of this movie, maybe the rejection factor or maybe you want to feel what its like to be in love. The music and the choreography was perfection. I cannot fault this movie for anything. Best movie of the year

Diego G (it) wrote: Awesome soundtrack, special effects, characters and plot. A funny and thrilling film with great moments.

Jessi H (ca) wrote: Eh... The ending ruined it so much for me. Acting wasn't so bad, but I guess it just fell short in a few areas.

Mike D (kr) wrote: If you're watching this for Leighton Meester you need only the first 5 minutes. Otherwise, the story starts out convoluted and messy. The reveal of the killer is underwhelming, at best. And along the way the kills are not only pointless, but tame. Busto.

Deni T (ca) wrote: good acting and all but not a substantial storyline although the film is about one of the greatest and most intruguing composers of all time.

Valeri I (kr) wrote: I can't remember the whole movie because it's with so many parts and you must watch it to tell it whole. That movie makes the feeling in yourself get little bit real and maybe to feel it. It takes the points of the nature and shows them in somehow really nice and good way that the watcher can just watch and watch without thinking about anything and if something distracts the people they get angry on it because it confusing the concentration on the film. So emotional.

Zhanyi J (ca) wrote: Good movie but I'm frighten by the kid, though he represents German.

Juampa G (br) wrote: Over the top Bertolucci. Important, significant and historic film, with incredible acting.

Aj V (es) wrote: This movie is boring and predictable because in the beginning they tell you what they are going to do and then they do it. Where's the suspense in that? I hated this movie.

Ryland D (kr) wrote: Night and Fog had the power to make me physically sick in a way no film has before. And in half an hour, it manages to be the most disturbing film I've ever seen.

James R (us) wrote: Great Palance, Widmark thriller. A nice shoot out in the end

Darius C (ag) wrote: A fun movie to watch. I like the benevolent sense of life of many Cary Grant comedies, and this is one of the better ones.

Riccardo R (jp) wrote: Decisamente sottotono rispetto allo spumeggiante primo capitolo.Pi banalit e meno genialit.

Jude A (de) wrote: Deadpan, slightly absurd little indie comedy about the aliens among us. Original music, filmed on location in Louisiana. I've worked in offices where people work in cubicles and I often thought of us as drones in a hive, or pod people. Maybe pretending our co-workers are aliens would make it all more bearable.

Eric B (gb) wrote: Very interesting subject, well told story, intriguing and a must watch