Based on true events about the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement who were forced underground to evade the State.

The movie follows the women who were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality in early-20th-century Britain, even pursuing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Suffragette torrent reviews

Ujval r (us) wrote: the beauty of the movie is chucha n chuchas dream,you will love it if you are an north indian

Adam W (ca) wrote: Happy Happy was well done, not sure I agree that it was good enough to win the Grand Jury prize. Just didn't seem terribly original.

Leigh R (us) wrote: Couldn't keep me interested enough to watch with any enthusiasum. Kind of played in the background as I went about other tasks.

Noah H (fr) wrote: Would rather be raped than sit through this shit again.

Wilhelm H (ru) wrote: Starts directly where part 2 stopped and finishes the series off in the same, silly and overdone gore fest style. And for sure this movie has the weirdest ending that I ever saw so far. But it goes with...well...with everything you can expect from a "Feast" movie :D

Denyse R (fr) wrote: Big Marc Anthony fan lol so I have to see it...

Om Prakash T (ag) wrote: nice story i love it

Private U (de) wrote: This woman used her superhuman voodoo strength to throw a refrigerator at me.

Catherine R (us) wrote: I love this movie, seen it five times already.

Suy E (ru) wrote: I believe it is probably awful, yet I feel I must get round to seeing it one of these years. And if that's not quirky... So now I've seen it. It is every bit as "biscuit tin" as I expected it to be - yet I must admit I actually enjoyed it - though some of the dance routines were just a bit long for my liking. It is 200 % Hollywood and likewise stereotypical, but good fun, not least owing to the repartee - and in fact the stereotypes. But ... imagine the major improvement, had the movie actually visited Scotland in the making process: real on location scenery and genuine accents! :)

Eshan W (gb) wrote: I wasn't expecting much from Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha, thank god I did!!! Cause it proved me wrong. Tamasha is beautiful look into human psychology and how a person's childhood affects his/her whole damn life. Thanks to its beautiful lead Ranbir and Deepika its amazingly refreshing, especially pre-interval. I must commit I wasn't bored for a single minute in it. Every scene is amazing, the fugazi characters and real characters and their pattern life. The feeling of "Guys let it go easily and girls holding it too long" Music should have been more worked on, and its amazing Shakespearean climax!It's a must watch, it might look complex due to narrative but its very naive.

dude m (nl) wrote: While it's a high quality meme, it's not a high quality movie

ousman s (au) wrote: I would like to see the movie

Willie R (es) wrote: when are they coming out wit a new one

Amanda W (es) wrote: Different/Not bad/Kinda Liked...

Nagoul T (fr) wrote: A classic, but used to be funnier when I was young. The story is pretty boring and predictable.

James J (br) wrote: A weak rehash of Carpenter's 'The Thing' with almost nothing added and a few completely useless plot twists.