Cliff has just turned 18 and his little sister has a gift for him: booze, a joint, a subway token and the command to have sex. Heading out on the town, Cliff finds friendship -- and more -- in the person of a young hustler named Butch. But Butch's dark side, along with a growing drug problem, leaves suburban family boy Cliff fearing for their future in this gay coming-of-age tale.

Troubled suburban teen Cliff hooks up with a hustler from the streets of Toronto's gay ghetto. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (ru) wrote: an interesting little movie that not everyone will enjoy. I did. it looked good and it never changed the look and feel of the movie throughout the hour and a half. I didn't even recognize the gal who plays Laurel from Arrow since she did a really good job here. it gets a bit on the weird side in the last half but I found it enjoyable none the less.

David S (kr) wrote: karate! me gusto el ritmo de la movie y el como se van desarrollando los personajes rivales por el camino de vida que eligieron, hasta te dan ganas te ir al dojo !

Brenda W (fr) wrote: watched this film and found it confusing but enjoyable

Branham N (ca) wrote: A Jewish woman doing all that is necessary to survive.

Karol N (ru) wrote: Why does everyone think this is a good movie? This is not a good movie

Jack P (br) wrote: Loses most of the charm of the first and becomes little more than bland annoyance.

Scott D (br) wrote: a great WW2 german POW movie of the only german to escape

Jade C (us) wrote: One of the best chick flicks I have ever seen !!! Great quotes and an idea of America vs Scotland