Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

A film producer murders his star actress during an erotic "game" and makes it look like suicide. The dead girl's lesbian lover discovers what happened, and plots her revenge.

A pornographer tricks a model into committing suicide on camera. The dead girl's friend discovers what happened, and swears to take her revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ManIsh A (kr) wrote: Young blood and fresh acting. A good entertainment.

Josh M (au) wrote: one of the scariest movies i have ever seen

Prince C (ca) wrote: funny film. Has a liberal twist

Patrick W (it) wrote: Meh, it's watchable enough to hold your attention until the end, I suppose, but I wouldn't recommend paying to watch it.

Aaron M (de) wrote: Slater and Cuthbert jump head first into their roles, and William H. Macey is always an asset. For the most part the execution is well done, but in the end tries to be too many things at once. Nevertheless it's an entertaining little ride, in the spirit of such sick masterpieces as "Falling Down" and "Office Space".

Iffat H (gb) wrote: Copied from "Dragon fly" but jhon was good in this movie.

Kim E (ca) wrote: Interesting mix of mythology, philosophy and pure unadulterated violence, "Spriggan" is an entertaining anime falling within the treasure-hunt-adventure genre.

Frank M (jp) wrote: I couldn't wait for this to end! This isn't a chick-flick, its a SH_T-flick.

Ed B (ru) wrote: Much better than the actual Fitzcarraldo film, this is a grueling and heartbreaking journey of a filmmaker who could care less about fame and fortune. He simply has a dream to tell a great story and tell it as realistically and authentically as possible. This is part of his problem.

Damian L (de) wrote: Just as good as the first one!

Connor B (fr) wrote: Nice to see Roy Schieder again, but without him, it's pretty average.

Bree R (de) wrote: Ridiculously sleazy. Got me all hot and bothered.

Leigh B (de) wrote: Beautiful scenes and beautiful music. Gerard Butler nails it.

Bill E (ag) wrote: Too many pro Israel films from a Hollywood controlled by Jews. What are the chances of a film about the oppression of the Palestinians?

Brad S (de) wrote: An unflinching look at the ugly side of mass food production in our modern world. I came away decidedly shaken up and feeling disempowered about being able to really make any changes to our seemingly corporate-controlled world. But I also came away feeling educated and enlightened about my responsibility to myself and the world in my food choices. It's great movies like this that help bring about change, one person at a time.

Maddy C (de) wrote: Following such a successful film as its predecessor was never going to be an easy task for this film. Only it didn't just meet the expectation of that fans it went further than them. What can only be described as a compelling, exciting and overall phenomenal second instalment must be seen by film fans. This film is even more action packed than the first with big battle scenes such as Helm's Deep yet it still maintains lighthearted moments between the characters even in the darkest of times. It will leave you wanting more.

Tony P (nl) wrote: Awful film that marked the cinematic directorial debut of Steven Spielberg.At least it didn't effect the rest of his career!A youthful Goldie Hawn (she is 71 of 2016) and William Atherton (the annoying reporter Thornberg in Die Hard) play fugitives who take a policeman hostage in a road movie across US highways.I died of boredom and had to stop watching after 55 minutes.The first time I have ever given up on a film.

Edward C (nl) wrote: White House Down(2013)Starring: Channnig Tatum,Jamie Fox,Maggie Gylenhal,Jason Clarke,Richard Jenkins,James Woods,Joey King,Nicholas Wright,Jimmi Simpson,and Michael MurpheyDirected By:Roland EmmerichOlympus has fallen 2,oh no wait that's not what this is an entirely different titled movie with the same plot,wow that's kind of boring even for an action film.Channing Tatum plays Casey a want to be security agent for the white house to protect the president who of course doesn't get the job. He lies to his daughter,of course while there is a plot to take over the white house.The white house gets blown up by tons of CGI explosions,and taken over by someone from special defense. Casey while trying to rescue his daughter meets up with the president to team up and take back the white house.What an overloaded poorly shot special effect action mess. This was a movie that wasted half of my time for unknown reason probably to make it longer and more boring then it already was going to be in the later half of the film. I was feeling so bored that I just wanted to take my blanket and pillow and sleep on the couch. There was nothing new to the table for this movie that was suppose to be mindless fun to be fun. It just came off as lazy,stupid and boring.The acting is good for the most part,I believe it's the only logical reason to see this movie. The acting from our two main leads is what would ultimately drive anyone to seeing this garbage because they do play off each other quite well in this piece trash.The rest of the actors there just sleepwalking in their roles and look completely bored or stupid.With all the problems I have it may be unoriginal,boring,and stupid with poor camera shots and CGI but the acting of our two main makes it at least a little bit more commendable. I give White House Down a two out of five.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: I wasn't overly impressed but hey, it's the Muppets.