Persuaded by her roommate, a college student makes an arrangement with an older man who pays for her companionship.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2015
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Persuaded by her roommate, a college student makes an arrangement with an older man who pays for her companionship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sugarbabies torrent reviews

Brendon R (au) wrote: Will make your blood boil.

Natalie P (au) wrote: Wow I must be the only person that actally enjoyed this movie. This was the funniest shit I have seen in a very long time. Katt Williams does it again. Anything this boy touches turns to gold. Yes, even the parts that he wasnt in were funny. Non stock laughing. Yeah the whole storyline was dumb but look the movie was ment to be funny not a blockbuster hit. For his first real movie and not just stand up this movie worked. Great job Katt Williams. Keep the laughs coming! :-)

kelly (it) wrote: Z movie to the max! bad acting, stupid plot, shitty zombies, and a waste of time. It was SO bad that I had ERASED the memory of seeing it the first time, so I had to watch it twice. Now I am doubly traumatized by this crap trying to pass a movie!

Jonny P (br) wrote: Few words can do justice to "Thankskilling." Some of the ones that can are "dreadful," "absurd," "stupid," and "oh my goodness, they can't be serious!" Outside of the bad bird puns, unnecessary nudity, and awful acting... well there isn't really anything other than that in this film. Oh yes, terrible dialogue! The unfortunate thing about "Thankskilling" is that it is purposefully bad. The greatest bad movies of all time ("Birdemic," "The Room," anything parodied by MST3000) are great because they were intended to be serious films. Although "Thankskilling" is able to poke fun at bad films by stereotyping their worst qualities, it loses some of the hilarity when you know that the writers weren't serious. At first, you can't tell if this ridiculous plot was unintentionally campy but as the film progresses, it becomes very obvious that the writers weren't serious. My favorite part of the film is when the turkey cuts off the face of the sheriff, then proceeds to have a 5-minute conversation with three of the main characters (one of whom is th sheriff's daughter) without the kids realizing that this is the killer turkey in a mask. While it's good for a few laughs, it is nowhere near the "quality" of historically bad films that we love to mock. "Thankskilling" offers some of the worst acting, dialogue, and plot around but feels like a waste of time, even at 66 minutes. "You're so STUFFED" if you expect much from this film.

Klei R (it) wrote: This was kind of a hard movie to watch, and maybe even a harder movie to appreciate. The main problem I foresee from most people I know that watch movies is that you never really get a feel for why the main character does the things he does. You know he does them, but you know virtually nothing of his background tat would lead him down that road.The movie starts with a kid that works at a toll booth in California. He seems somewhat disaffected by society, so maybe a toll booth is a good place for him to be. He seems to be looking for some meaning, and one day someone throws a copy of Main Kampf at him, and he starts reading it. A few days later, a Holocaust survivor argues with him and later gives him a tape of his testimony about his life.This sets in motion most of the rest of the movie. Lukas (the main characters) finally finds something he thinks he can identify with - the suffering of Holocaust survivors. He takes a part time job transcribing testimonials, and later sits in as survivors are taped. Slowly, he gets more and more wrapped up in it, and eventually you start to wonder if he has all his marbles.To be honest, one of the problems with this movie, and maybe one of the more effective parts of the acting is that I don't believe in real life, people would give this guy the time of day. He gives off a discernibly creepy vibe that I would think would be off-putting. Of course, it doesn't put people off in the movie until much later, but I guess that has to happen for the sake of the movie.Anyway, the movie offers no answers as to why he does the things he does, other than you get the sense that Lukas was a damaged person from the start, only it took all movie for us as the audience to figure that out. It makes what happens at the beginning a little more creepy, which is, I'm guessing, the emotion we were supposed to get from this movie.

Mitchell G (br) wrote: This movie exceeds at being pretentious, with plenty of pointless symbolism and a message that we can all agree on but "deep". Often moments are taken by the film to in a metaphorical way, tell us what we already know. It feels like the film maker wanted to have this movie be analyzed but has nothing knew to say. The mentality is to take a complicated situation and make it a simple black and white scenario. I refer to the end of the film where the girl is essentially saved by a creepy old man by him taking her as a wife. While I would not say that child marriage is somehow a good thing, it is still very easy to argue that it is better than for her to be killed. Osama is a slow passed film in all the wrong ways. In this 82 minute film, the first 20 minutes are spent establishing the plot of the movie. I already mentioned the time it takes out for pointless symbolism and it is definitely is way to much. Instead of taking the time to establish characters, or make the exposition more natural("If only my husband did not die in that war."),or other things to help out the plot, it just waists the time on long shots, and pointless symbolism. The main character, while in a sympathetic situation, is not a sympathetic character. We get little about her personality and she shows very little that says anything about her. This is the same with most of the characters. It is slow, stuck up, and worst of all, pretentious and a horrible start for the newly revived movie industry in Afghanistan.

Aaron T (jp) wrote: I've seen it and its good

MEC r (es) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Zack B (de) wrote: Pretty pointless. Just a collection of kills, which aren't near as creative or funny as the second. Doesn't really seperate itself from the second, and gets tired very quickly. Only a couple succesful campy and corny humor.

Andr D (us) wrote: El director Paul Shelton ("Bull Durham") pasa del sexo y el beisbol al sexo y la politica al contranos la historia del gobernador de Louisiana Earl Long, interpretado por un Paul Newman que redefine los conceptos de "viejo verde" y "politico corrupto". Lolita Davidovich inunda la pantalla con su voluptuosidad, interpretando a la bailarina exotica Blaze Starr, robandose el show.

Wil R (mx) wrote: Started out OK but did not keep my interest.

Bryan K (ru) wrote: Honestly, unless one lives in Europe it's hard to truly relate to this film. The biggest flaw here is that it takes the film 30-45 minutes to introduce all of the characters and side-plots, which makes it difficult to grasp until later in the going. The ending is also very abrupt and underdeveloped.

Kevin M (ca) wrote: a true guilty pleasure! Reynolds rocks!

Hannah B (fr) wrote: My favourite movie - shame you can only watch it on TCM in the UK

Jaime R (mx) wrote: Contrary to the usual Woody Allen film, "Scoop" is surprisingly unfunny.