In the follow-up of Estonian classics "Kevade" (1969) and "Suvi" (1976) the same characters have reached their middle-age. Everybody are living quiet family-life but Kiir the tailor who one...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on book,   sequel,  

In the follow-up of Estonian classics "Kevade" (1969) and "Suvi" (1976) the same characters have reached their middle-age. Everybody are living quiet family-life but Kiir the tailor who one... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (it) wrote: Wow, this movie was a special kind of awful. Despite the horrid (but forgiveable) CGI dinosaurs, we are treated to a really bad cast, terrible script and the most unlikeable characters. It is bad when I really don't care if the main characters get eaten or not. The only good character was Ronny Cox. Normally he plays villains but in this he played a really decent guy trying to help out humanity (even if he was a bit misguided). Age of Dinosaurs was just plain awful.

Peter S (es) wrote: Worst film ever seen!!!!

Russ O (ca) wrote: What in the actual fuck is this film? He can talk to the animals? He's a zookeeper but leaves to be a car salesman as that is a better job? Oh and they neglected to include a single joke in this comedy.

Matt A (us) wrote: Awesome movie for military film fans. Well played. RIP Alan Rickman.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Deeply moving and powerful film about the relationship between a young soldier and the rural farm boy he falls in love with. Divided into two parts, first the tale of their relationship, and second the tale of a soldier hunting a mysterious monster that has been attacking villagers, "Tropical Malady" takes a haunting and abstract look at love as seen through reality and mythology. Its striking symbolism and beautiful execution is a feast for both the mind and the heart.

Hannah R (it) wrote: I'm crying just reading the description. It's so... heartwarming!

Aaron B (it) wrote: I saw this in the theater of the newly-opened Mall of America. Fun movie.

Ola G (us) wrote: Always been a fan of good ol Burt Reynolds. Well, until the eighties reached him... Hadn't seen this early 70s piece with him and was hoping for something good. The result was a bit disapointing I must say. A storyline that floats around with a vague revenge motive and it feels like it miss several vital pieces. Burt is Gator McClusky, a moonshine runner let out of prison to take down the corrupt Sheriff JC Connors played by Ned Beatty. So so acting, so so action sequences and a so so end, but not too bad car chases. Hardly enough to satisfy me. Not one of Burts better movies for sure. Shame..

Jon P (br) wrote: Akira Kurosawa's main man, Toshio Mifune, plays two rival gangs off against each other in what can only be described as an Eastern Western. And an influential one at that.Drawing on the the cinematography of John Ford films, Kurosawa's contemplative, chess-like chiller is a precursor to the likes of Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars: a movie which literally plays like a shot-by-shot Yojimbo remake.Kurosawa captures paranoid townsfolk peeping through shop windows, Saki showers, showdowns and moments of snappy comedy. But it's Mifune's enigmatic samurai who really hits film history hard, bringing us what might just be the first ever depiction of Mr stone-faced stoic cool (a la Clint Eastwood).Yojimbo is ultimately a silly, simple Samurai flick with an easy-flowing action formula to be endlessly replicated in the near future. Luckily enough, some scenes still stink of cinematic wonder, especially the fantastic final showdown.Classic telephoto action.

Mike F (nl) wrote: Elia Kazan made several great films, and this one seems to get overlooked. That's a shame, because it's one of the most important films about race ever made. A scary snapshot of our past, if not a little overdramatic. Jeanne Crain is wonderful in the lead.

Ryan C (ag) wrote: Ingmar Bergman was never one to shy away from the brutal honesties of life, and with "Saraband" (his last feature), all of that pain is projected onto 4 characters who so desperately need fulfillment from each other and themselves. What he leaves us with is this - the longer you wait for resolution in your life, the harder it is to get it.

Mark S (ca) wrote: This looks great and his its moments but the plot is a bit too contrived for my liking.

Michael A (es) wrote: Stupid....It's Garbage like this that makes Dwayne Johnson a crap "actor".