Story about two boys, a girl and an unusual love triangle.

Story about two boys, a girl and an unusual love triangle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sukitomo torrent reviews

Dan B (kr) wrote: If you're A Kennedy buff you should check this out.

Graham K (mx) wrote: I absolutely loved this film. It was, on the face of it, a gentle comedy with touching performance from some elderly actors. However, it was quietly subtle & when you learn that the old ladies were not professional actresses at all, it becomes an extraordinary film.

Scott C (it) wrote: I feel sorry for Ron Jeremy.

Zurino O (gb) wrote: A decent show for a dreary day and mood.

Nancy N (kr) wrote: Ultra touchante, Molly. Magistrale performance d'Elisabeth Shue!

Richard S (ag) wrote: This film noir is criminally unknown. Has Nicholas Cage had a better role? This stylish thriller keeps you guessing with an impressive cast and excellent pacing. Action, humour, romance and plenty of badness, if you don't know it, check it out urgently.

Chris G (au) wrote: It might not be the greatest movie ever, but I'll go on record and say it's the greatest movie ever.

Millo T (es) wrote: My opinion about Fellini is that he does really good when he gets close to the real life of the people and small characters, and not so good when he feels under the influence of eccentric impulses. In this sense, my fave movies from Fellini are La Strada and The nights of Cabiria, both of them having in common to the wonderful characters played by the marvelous Giulietta Masina, a wonderful actress which is at the top of my ranking. In this case, the innocent, tender and merciful character of Giulietta brights in the middle of a chaotic atmosphere closer to other movies, such as 8 1/2 or La dolce vita. So, the movie lets a bitter-sweet taste, but any expression from Giulietta Masina makes the movie -at least some minutes- worth to watch.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Pleasant enough, with gorgeous color photography.

Aron F (mx) wrote: Only a half star for Sondra Locke's singing...

Alban P (ru) wrote: for a romantic comedy, its hilarious

Conner R (it) wrote: I just don't see how anyone could not enjoy this, It's Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in a nostalgic gangster movie. It's fun, well made and has some really cool action scenes. The part where Clint Eastwood storms the apartment building and shoots a resistant henchman around 7 times in the gut is one of the best in the movie. I like that it's not just another neo-noir, it has a very original feel to it. I have no idea why it's not considered an absolute classic.

Nicola W (es) wrote: I found this really slow in the beginning and quite boring. It got better towards the end but definitely not the best version of snow white I've ever seen.