Sullan movie is all about Subramani (Dhanush) who is known as Sullaan among his friends and he is the son of a corporation garbage lorry driver (Manivannan) and lives in a slum with his sister and mother.He leads a carefree life not worried about anything or anyone. A first year college student, his only objective in life is to have fun with his friends.

Crazy, unemployed, and out of control collegian, Subramaniam, is the son of Chennai Municipal truck driver, Mani, who lives a poor lifestyle with his wife and daughter, Lakshmi. Things ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judi R (fr) wrote: I love the story and the point of view. What, as usual, bothers me is in attempting to capture the NYC of the 60's, the opening view of the skyline is wrong (having lived in NYC in the '60's). One other complaint - the Portrayal of Americans is stereotypical and awkward. And the 'American' acting is stilted and terrible. That said, the story is worth getting past these jarring inauthenticities.

Tim W (mx) wrote: For diehard SG1 fans. Nothing special. Didn't feel like a movie, just a 2-part episode. Fairly weak and corny and low budget (like the later episodes of the series).

Luca V (ag) wrote: Not at all scary. In fact, I went scuba diving right after watching this garbage of a movie and not once was I scared of the ocean and never will be.

Komal S (ru) wrote: Technically I was forced to watch this. In-flight movie what are u going to do right?

Benjamin N (de) wrote: Pretty brutal. Gary Busey's death is legendary however.

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Roland K (mx) wrote: Oeuvre inclassable, "Slaughterhouse Five", perdu dans l'espace cin (C)matographique entre film de SF et film de guerre, est un conte philosophique achronique, une fable moraliste qui brosse un portrait satirique de l'American Way of Life sous des dehors de "Twilight Zone". Leon de vie prodigu (C)e : ne retenir de la vie que les bons moments. Etrange mais plaisant.

Ken P (es) wrote: Tilda Swinton is so talented. I enjoy every movie in which she acts.

donald w (jp) wrote: another classic.a young man leaves home to live in the mountains .can he survive. a must see

Thomas R (gb) wrote: I wanna hangout with her

Daniel M (br) wrote: i don't know why people hated it, i love it

Blair K (kr) wrote: muddled mess of a movie! i knew i was hurting when i didnt recognize the company that produced it but was still willing to give it a chance... the more the movie went on the worse it became. it is neither exciting or interesting. if you are looking for a good scifi thriller there are so many other better ones to choose from!