Sum seung si sing

Sum seung si sing


Thunder (Ronald Cheng) is a God who likes to boast about his intelligence and business mind. One day, he was reminded by his girlfriend, the Saint of Nine Heavens (Qing Yan), that he had pledged his guardianship to a fat boy that he had saved thirty years ago. The boy will face the end of his life on New Year's Eve and it is now the time for Thunder to fulfill his pledge to resolve the boy's trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doris G (ag) wrote: I did not like Bradk Pitt too much.. but Marions performance was great.. good movie :)

Anthony A (gb) wrote: Uneven but mostly convincing and involving. It builds slowly, gradually drawing the audience in more and more. The 3 main protagonists are extremely natural and communicate much more than they say. Some of the attempts at humour fall rather flat, but the play readings are powerful and fascinating. clever parallel between the story of the film and the relationship in the play is gradually revealed - rather satisfying in the end. A film that stays in my mind much more than I expected - and leaves me with tantalising questions.

Will L (kr) wrote: 'Shooter' is a pretty unremarkable action-thriller, but it's competently made, and Wahlberg does a fine job.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: A troubled- psychiatrist takes a sabbatical in her remote cabin, a former patient makes the scene, and bedlam spirals out of bounds--Canadian Horror Hits the Spot

Eddie M (us) wrote: I love this movie, I love the colours the and the originality. The actor are great. It has a dose of horror but isn't your average fast paced jump out of your seat horror. This one is more thoughtful.

Kish M (gb) wrote: Cinna at pugo etu uh !

Jack G (jp) wrote: Cant believe I actually watched this

Ashfaq S (ag) wrote: Worst Movie Everrrrrrr

Cody C (de) wrote: Underrated. Perfectly enjoyable little film, with an interesting and unique protagonist. It's not as good as the first one, but what could be? That was lightning in a bottle. This has spark though.

Jed F (fr) wrote: funny and very scary for its time

Melissa S (kr) wrote: Schmaltzy? Yes, but it reminded me a bit of Love Actually. It's funny. It's sweet. So if you want to be scared, made angry, or find something edgy stay away from this one. If it's a cold night and you need something to warm your heart, this might be the one for you. Simon Pegg is always fun to watch....

Miguel R (gb) wrote: While there were some enjoyable segments, ParaNorman is cheesy and unoriginal

Dave S (us) wrote: The weakest entry in the series, by far. Even for big fans of the series like myself, this is one bad movie. Not even Stallone and Talia Shire can save such a bad script. Thank heavens Stallone followed it up with the far superior Rocky Balboa. Stallone knew darn well Rocky V was bad. His real-life son is painful to watch.

Katie D (de) wrote: So that was the worst trying to be serious horror movie I've ever seen in my entire life.