Sumathi En Sundari

Sumathi En Sundari


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Sumathi En Sundari 1971 full movies, Sumathi En Sundari torrents movie

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Sumathi En Sundari torrent reviews

Keith R (us) wrote: Brilliant documentary on the work of a renowned photojournalist.

Tim M (es) wrote: I like Shawkat and Plaza, sadly they only get cameos. "A mannered comedy that's an acquired taste." Echikunwoke is gorgeous. Not a fan of Gerwig or the annoying, haughty way her character Violet speaks. A stupid chick flick with few good laughs. "Its characters are unrecognizable to those of us inhabiting the real world, and despite its mounds and mounds of dialogue, it ultimately doesn't have a sticking thought in its pretty head."

Arun P (au) wrote: average movie,despite the nice twist at the end

Samantha N (ca) wrote: Again, an 80's classic in my world, with a great soundtrack and great story.

Crash O (kr) wrote: One of my favorites.

Steve S (au) wrote: * (out of four) Mae West is WAY past her prime in this sex comedy, her final film. She plays an over the hill movie star who has just married once again. She hopes to consumate the marriage, but gets interrupted constantly by gymnasts, musclemen, media, fans etc. At 87 West just seems creepy in the part and the famous lines just don't have the same flare.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Parodia de James Bond, se nota el paso del tiempo.

Henrik S (jp) wrote: Earth vs. Flying Saucers is Harryhausen's least favourite films as as SFX supervisor and it is not hard to see why. No mighty dinosaurs, titans or skeletons but revolving saucers and aliens and goofy costumes. The movie is a poignant and stale as you could expect from the name, flying saucers attack the earth, earth fights back. The personal stories are lackluster and stale, so is the cast. No mad scientists, vigilante soldiers or bombshells in sight. Here and there, a few glimpses of delightful insanity arise (the brainscanning of the aliens, the alien voices etc.) but it is not enough to make this ride enjoyable. HX

Spencer B (es) wrote: This movie was my childhood, and it still holds up.

Tony R (au) wrote: Excellent for the first 90 minutes. Ending seems like it wasnt the way it was supposed to end, but was instead changed to appeal to a focus group.

Bethany C (it) wrote: This was a total bust. I watched it because in general I enjoy Heigl's movies, and in Heigl's defense she was wonderful. So was Alexis Bledel. For the little they were given, they were fantastic, but what they were given were caricatures. This movie belongs 15 years ago. It's a trite PSA on tolerance that is, in the end, boring as hell. The overdone proof that gay couples can be more functional than straight ones felt like an unsubtle brick to the head, and the main character of the movie (Jenny) was a completely backseat role.Aside from the bad plot and old themes, there's one more sin that's even more unforgivable. I can forgive a bad plot if there's good acting, which this had. What I can't forgive is a movie about queerness that's actually just about straight people and how they relate to queerness. I'm furious I wasted so much of my night on such a garbage movie.