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Summer Book

Mustafa (Osman Inan) is a hard-working and ambitious agricultural merchant who is cold and austere towards his family. One day he has a brain hemorrhage on a business trip and goes into a coma after the operation. Guler (Ayten Tokun) is suspicious of her husband having an affair. Veysel (Harun Ozuag), their teenage son, wants to leave the military academy and study business administration. Ali (Tayfun Gunay), their 10-year-old son, has to cope both with his bully classmate and the chewing gums he has to sell. Hasan (Taner Birsel), Mustafa's younger brother, chose to live a life in solitude after getting a divorce, and has always been an outsider to the family. But now, with his brother in coma, he finds himself involved in family affairs. Hasan has to solve the mystery about Mustafa's mistress and the money lost during his trip.

Mustafa (Osman Inan) is a hard-working and ambitious agricultural merchant who is cold and austere towards his family. One day he has a brain hemorrhage on a business trip and goes into a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel D (au) wrote: It may cross the line with its incestuous storyline. But it will have you roped and bowing the direction. Beautifully made. It's great to see Bryan Brown play such a hard role. Mendelsohn shines but it is the same old, same old for Aussie cinema.

George D (kr) wrote: "Never has so much, been stuffed in so few... minutes." excerpt from George's speech about what is wrong with this sequel. And that is the essence of what is wrong with this movie and the movie before it. It is like quotes and highlights from a bigger speech, but not the whole speech. Come on, HBO gave Saddam Hussein 2X the total running time (and that was about right for him, "House of Saddam" was a good mini series). This should not have been just a piecemeal movie sequel to another also too short movie. It should have been a full mini series. Many of the important bits of Churchill are here (at least the stuff that mostly wasn't in "The Gathering Storm") . They are jam packed in between minutes of Churchill being human. Somebody, go back to the beginning and start over doing this thing fully. The subject deserves it.

Abhilash T (de) wrote: it is happening in most places

Larry Y (it) wrote: putting on watchlist because of Joe Bob Briggs recommendation

Cameron F (us) wrote: Hollywood producer steals a teenager's class paper to make into a movie but the teen is plotting his revenge to expose the sleazy producer. This comedy has its moments and some tweens might find it funny but for adults there isn't enough to keep one interested.

Alex R (ag) wrote: Kickin incredibly dope shit? Not so much. What we have instead is Larry Clark's first venture into the world of cinema. And without a long discussion amongst my peers about why this film could be helpful. Or indeed IF it promotes any kind of similar activity just by being what it is, it's hard to analyze such material. What the film does brilliantly is keep quiet for the most part, and let the actions and behaviors of these everyday kids speak for themselves and come to life with a flurry of crashing and banging- a mixing, swirling melting pot of adolescence coupled with ignorance- the basis for any young teenager really. The movie is like a punch to the gut, if there were a general tone to the film, it would be something like an electric guitar hitting pavement. It's just that brutal, and raw. Clark's vision is obvious- "Let's not pull any punches, this is what's going on with teenagers, so no polish and no touch-ups, let's just make it real. " It's a gateway into their secret world with no parents. It's Peter Pan and the lost boys, if Peter Pan fucked and deflowered mermaids. New York turns to a concrete jungle as animal's howl and rage and curse and smoke and spit, and we watch only half believing, the half knowing that this is really going on. I only wonder if the material is just as impactful to the youth today, with popular focus on a more Internet savvy generation, does the violence turn digital? Can the next generation be suppressing any of what we see here? Or maybe even relieving the desires by playing violent video games, or acting out via social networking, for secure stance on their individuality or for brief moments of fame and gratification? Either way, it's sure to bring up some discussion amongst it's viewers, and I highly recommend one viewing, if that's ALL I'll recommend. I don't think this film has any hidden agenda, it's pretty much all out there, and a second viewing may be poor due to shotty editing, and a slow narrative that keeps this film feeling heavy, like it's anchored to the ocean floor. It doesn't necessarily take off. It's a heaviness that normally I would condemn to bad Directing, but here I feel like it's an essential part of the realism. 3 and a half stars.

Jimmy M (ag) wrote: I loved this movie - I am a big fan of the sports movie and this one touched a cord with me.

Steven C (es) wrote: In the 1980s Robert Altman released a string of films that were based on popular plays, "Beyond Therapy" was one of them. While the film has some laugh out loud moments, some very funny dialogue and extremely spirited and zany performances, Altman's lack of narrative focus ultimately hurts the film. Altman's directorial voice is lost here, because in all honesty, this seems like a direct copy of a Woody Allen picture. There isn't much originality to speak of. Plus, with a film that contains such an array of wackos, you need something for the audience to ground themselves in, and "Beyond Therapy" has none of that- no every man, no coherent arc. This is a funny but extremely unfocused and messy film.

Michael B (mx) wrote: Weird little British horror/sf film. Silicates are critters that look like turles with a single, long tentacle where their head should be. They kill by dissolving people's bones. While fairly slow (like zombies) they can't be avoided (somehow).

Guillermo Q (us) wrote: A very simple & effective, romantic story:"a story not everyone knows, not even her, his mother"

Brandon S (kr) wrote: For better or worse, no one can deny that Shane Meadows makes you feel as though you're in the room with the characters. It's nothing if not compelling.

Alyan H (es) wrote: one of my fav rudd films ever

jason a (mx) wrote: I loved all the Tinker Bells except this one! It shows almost no Pixie Hollow