Summer in the City

Summer in the City

The distinguished German writer Uwe Johnson (1934-1984) lived for several years in the 1960s on Manhattan’s Upper Westside. His publisher, Harcourt Brace, had hired him as a textbook editor for their German-language school book editions, which allowed him to stay in New York and also tend to his own writing. In his spare time he got to know his neighborhood very well, observing the goings on in the streets, cafeterias, and parks. In 1968 German Television agreed to coproduce a film with us in which Uwe Johnson would, on-camera, introduce and question the various characters with whom he exchanges news and opinions on his wanderings on the Upper West Side. We proposed to him that he participate in the documentary. Being essentially introverted he was not interested in the on-camera concept, but was willing to make a list of places and situations that he felt should be included in the film.

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Paul D (ag) wrote: Lower-budget but enjoyable redneck werewolf movie.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: Expected to be a premise with heart, but it's turns out to be the opposite when it's just bland and ended unresolved. Although there are rare funny parts, mostly from Rudd and few from Fey.So the result is that it's an okay, random film, like it can qualifies to be close to the bottom of the waiting list instead of being deniable nor acceptable. (C+)(Full review coming soon)

Octavian (br) wrote: Compact and frustratingly loopy.

BJ P (it) wrote: Hitchcock's

Victor M (mx) wrote: one of the worst animated movies ever made, and also one of the dumbest and most childish

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Russell K (mx) wrote: I hate horror. I hide and jump and feel sick. The plot is usually awful and the gore pointless. But this film is Beautiful, well written, cast and from the moment I saw it I knew it was a classic must see movie like Jaws or Aliens or the Matrix. It has changed movies, mini series and computer games for the better. There are few films that had such a ripple effect and raised the bar. It is desperate and free and as with low budget films was free to experiment with new ideas. It out shines every Hollywood movie thought up in a board room or remade. They still desperately steal from this film now and often fail. Every zombie or outbreak film before it which I loved, became redundant. This is what movies should be.

Jerry S (es) wrote: It's okay, but I've seen better. There are some scenes what makes you wonder, was it actually thought with brains or just made because it was intense. The place where it takes the story is really small so there's not much of choices to take scenes. Maybe more bigger house would have been better and not in the middle of a city.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: It's a solid action drama that has a nice human touch to it

Rajiv P (br) wrote: Similar to Pixote about the slums of Bombay

Michael S (nl) wrote: So-so comedy that succeeds to the extent that it does because of James Garner. Otherwise it feels like a TV movie.

PierreLo B (es) wrote: Le meilleur film de Truffaut.

Risa C (au) wrote: great, but i wish they would have revealed how the finger got into his kitchen.

Private U (au) wrote: Now this is the kind of vampire I like.

Jake M (gb) wrote: Hotel Transylvania (2012) - Is a movie that you'd think would be such a dull experience due to it's lair reveal plot but actually, it's surprisingly funny. It's fast paced animation, creative environments and cool character designs make this an enjoyable experience for what it is.The movie was directed by Genndy tartakovsky the same guy who made shows like "Dexter's Laboratory" & "Samurai Jack" and it definitely shows in the animation and humor. At times i do find the modern day references to be a little distracting as well as some of the character's whacking antics but overall i would say that there are more funny moments than stupid moments and that's enough for me to say that i think it's a fun spooktacular experience. (B)

Stephen M (jp) wrote: A fun sci fi adventure film. It does get lazy in some scenes and editing. The directing feels more focused on driving the story to get us to the resolution of the film, rather than drawing in the viewers, which is the real flaw of the film. But it is imaginitive and fun.