Summer Scars

Summer Scars

A group of teens are faced with a life-changing experience when they meet a deranged drifter.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   rape,   murder,  

A group of teens are faced with a life-changing experience when they meet a deranged drifter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom S (mx) wrote: Delightful, charming, film - complex characters, ending leaves you guessing and conversing.

Ray M (de) wrote: saw the film on TV tonight and really enjoyed it - Stallone & Arnold set the stage for some pretty exciting action. Jim Cavlizel delivers his usual outstanding performance even though I would like to see him be one of the good guys.

Justin Y (es) wrote: A must see film! I highly recommend this film

Niki A (de) wrote: I love this movie. It's not for the mainstream. I got every ounce I could find of BJM after I saw this. I remember seeing their flyers in SF in the early 90's.

Craig M (fr) wrote: Lovely dramedy about intersections of identity, family honor and authentic living.

Jack G (es) wrote: Show Me Love is a very raw and rough but also sweet and warm-hearted film about two teenage girls who find one another and fall in love. When I type that sentence a part of my brain says 'well, wait, doesn't this make it sound like just another LGBT type of movie?' In a way that is correct, but I don't think I could recommend it so strongly if it wasn't more than that. I could relate to these characters, especially Agnes who is the outsider (in part because she is relatively new in the town of Amal, where this takes place), and really has a sort of awkward way about making friends, of which she has none.And it's not that she is a completely awkward person - she can clearly be friendly and can relate to people, but her along with her own feelings toward the same gender makes her stand out. A lot of the other teens don't even know about her sexual preference - they just don't come close to her because she's just... weird, somehow, like she doesn't like this boy or that boy or go to parties or when she asks people to go to parties they don't know what to say, like, y'know...Meanwhile, Elin is a little more popular (or she just has a little group of friends, which is more than Agnes), but she is also relatable as someone who, like I'd assume almost all teenagers, doesn't fully know yet what she wants out of life or in relationships. Johan, another teen and a slightly older one (though not in maturity) likes her a lot, and she has a best friend who can tease her as much as she might (or definitely might not) tease back, but in her own way Elin is only able to really be sociable on a superficial level, about make-up and boys and so on. But somehow, over one night with Agnes, half-drunk and not sure what to do, they connect, strongly, heavily.This film, from Swedish director Lukas Moodyson, is made somewhat like a Dogma 95 film (with the exception of it being shot on film instead of digital, and a few moments the camera's stationary); it's raw quality is apparent from the actors, who feel like they're plucked from the street whether they are or not (Liljeberg had acted, but Dahlstrom hadn't), and the style reflects that. This isn't polished, it's full of nerves and energy and when something dramatic is about to happen or something that might make us feel for the characters, it comes out in a stronger way. These girls are working off a script, but the documentary quality makes it like we're let in to their emotions as they fluctuate from highs to lows and only somewhat in-between.I also liked that it's not all about the teens every second of the film. Mostly, they are the main characters, but the parents of Agnes are significant and Elin's pop up once or twice too (mostly the former are more apparent here). There's a very nice scene that feels very close to real life and what many teenagers have experienced when Agnes's father talks at a particularly shaky/uncertain moment for her about how he was a socially alone person as a kid, and when he went to his 25th high school reunion the popular/attractive girls were no longer that and other people who seemed like nothing had made out very well for themselves. And for Agnes, she just can't relate to this at all - 25 year might as well be... she can't even seen to think that far ahead when school is the next day and Elin will be there at the other side of the cafeteria.Although Moodyson was almost 30 when he made Show Me Love aka Fucking Amal, this feels like he was there as a fly on the wall for teenagers just hanging out, and yet it's not something that is so edgy that it goes into being a "dangerous" film like Kids or any other Larry Clark/Harmony Korine film. There is an arc to the characters, and where they end up by the climax is precise and very satisfying, though there's one scene at the very end that feels tacked on and odd.For the majority of the run time, with maybe one or two scenes of hanging-out filler that don't add too much, it's an intense but sweet character study about two girls who may be in love with one another, but at the least they *like* each other, and it's a story of friendship and what young people do and think when they're trying to figure out themselves at that bittesweet time in their lives FIRST before it being a young-love-cum-coming-of-age narrative. It shows teens as they are, and it's touching without a shred of sentimentality.

Aaron G (es) wrote: Dumb as hell... and I still somehow liked it.

Todd G (it) wrote: A beautiful, heartfelt film.

John Eric D (de) wrote: All I can say is wow, this caught me up by surprise. I never thought this was as lousy as it can get. All I see is a jolly but good pacing and well acted film portrayed by these tremendous performers. It's based on the book by Colin Clark that tells about his life being with Marilyn Monroe as a close friend not just behind the scenes but more than that personally. Thinking a simple guy like him who desperately needs a job in film the industry ended up having a close relationship with the ever caring and the most popular Marilyn Monroe. Michelle Williams as Marilyn earned and deserves more than a credit for an amazing performance and fits her role very well. Well acted, amazing screenplay, and definitely one of the favorites of 2011. Very recommended overall.

Russ B (ca) wrote: 12/10/2016: An ok movie. While it was just ok, I still hope there is another film to close out the trilogy.

Megan V (es) wrote: Man brings ideal woman to life - but it is SO misogynistic. WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE DARK AGES OF SEXISM!This plot line would have been so much better if she had turned around and kicked his ass, and yet ends with the moral that no matter what a man does to you, it doesn't matter, you're worthless and should always go back to him. (even if you don't remember him) NONONO! This evil tyrant of a film explains a man to create a woman out of a typewriter and control her in any way he wants to. Good one.

luke k (ag) wrote: As a proud fan of the Terminator series, i can gladly say this has been the best Terminator in nearly 25 years. Is it better than Judgment Day? No. Is better than Salvation? Hell Yes! For the life of me i cannot see why critics say it "lacks thematic depth". Sure it's not groundbreaking but how could it be in this day? It's a deeply refreshing taste of James Cameron's original and i would sure as hell gladly buy it on Blu-Ray and put it with pride right next to my Judgment Day DVD. I'll try not to spoil it for you, but the only reason why my rating isn't higher than it should is purely because i saw the 2nd Trailer and John Connors twist was sadly spoiled for me. Shame as it was actually well fleshed out, i liked this machine John as he made an interesting bad guy (Far more interesting than Asian T-1000) and a heart warming human character, i felt like he was trying to understand why his parents wouldn't join him.This is definitely a Fresh film and no offense but God Damn those who say otherwise, the Action was good and it was so nice to see the future war that was originally depicted int he originals, the acting was on par and a nice change to see Emilia Clarke give Sarah Connor justice and Arny as the old bad ass Termi once more. If this is where the series finally ends then i can happily say "Hasta La Vista" before they accidentally re make it into something horrible.