Summer Storm

Summer Storm

Linda Darnell plays a beautiful Russian peasant in this moody Sirk melodrama, based on Chekhov's "The Shooting Party." Trying to pull herself out of serf-ish poverty, she works her charms on an engaged aristocrat (George Sanders) with tragic results.

In this filmed Chekhov adaptation, Olga is an alluring peasant woman who lures cynical aristocrat Fedor away from his milquetoast fiancée, with tragic consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wrik S (de) wrote: Very bollywood, and definitely a DDLJ wannabe.. The attempt was still a good one, but the movie could have been better with a renewed storyline..

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: I thought it was funny, cute, and brings on the nostalgia for any former campers/counselors

Omar G (jp) wrote: You know Napoleon Dynamite? Well, behold Buzzard, the polar opposite. This is an amazing dark comedy about one of the most despicable characters ever been put on screen. Highly recommended!

Kester E (de) wrote: While it does little in informing you on the historical aspect of that time, it succeeds by completely engrossing you with its dazzling visuals and excellent cinematography.

Jamey P (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. So many eclectic Wisconsin things going on that outsiders will also enjoy.

Matty S (fr) wrote: Well acted and painfully realistic.

Andrew H (us) wrote: Albeit this movie does well at establishing a creepy atmosphere, over an hour goes by between the time it starts and the first actual movement of the plot. I don't mind slow movies, however throughout the entirety of "I Can See You" you'll find long, drawn out, agonizing face shots, characters that take forever to make decisions (letting you witness every head-desk-slamming second), and montages that while reminiscent of David Lynch, fail to evoke any of the same sense of purpose and go on entirely too long. This very easily could have been a short film, and would probably be better suited as such. While the end of the movie does leave you with the uneasy feeling a good horror movie should, no questions get answered and no loose ends are tied up. I wanted to like it, as it has some very promising inspiration and methods, but it ended up making me want to punch a brick wall in frustration both during the movie, and after it was over.

Lindsay C (mx) wrote: Slow-paced and understated, but very touching.

(au) wrote: so nic. story. it gav a chanc 2 hear chinese, & also abt the condition of poor peopl & schools. so beautifully directed. compared 2 2nd half, 1st half is havin som -ves. there is no songs in the film whih is composed. after d film i thought here & here can be som songs. but, during d d tim when i watch it don't feel that it's too necessary 4 d film. it's d success of d film. story is so beautifully narrated

ShakT M (fr) wrote: Glasgow ghetto tale of alcoholism and skag, interwoven with romance. Classic Loach.

Deb w (es) wrote: Watched this movie sooo many times! Brilliant !!

Matthew H (au) wrote: One of the best comedy routines out there. Even in 2015, almost all of the humor is relatable and not outdated. You will laugh until you cry.

Belal S (fr) wrote: It was hilarious as usual, Diane Keaton pretty & funny, Woody Allen all time numero uno comedian, We can say he has his own way of directing and acting

Jason Z (de) wrote: Still holds up amazing today. Gritty and edgy.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A heartfelt and deeply honest drama with great performances and an excellent script written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that doesn't even let us notice how attached to the characters we become - and I guess we can all forgive it for that sentimental "it's not your fault" scene.

Jen S (it) wrote: Its a good way to show ppl how heavy virtual life can spoil our lives. I felt like never using internet and cellphone again !!! Depressing....and I really enjoyed the mouth noise videos. hahaha. :)

Ian C (au) wrote: Excellent crime goes wrong wrong caper. However, it is just lacking that something special to make it a classic. Serious twitch off Flynn Boyle.