An art-house comedy about an ordinary family running the unusual business of elf tourism and spiritual sessions. Their house is built around an elf stone, which is sacred to the wife Lara, who is blessed with a sixth sense. When they get an offer to sell the stone at a high price, her husband Óskar is really tempted.

An art-house comedy about an ordinary family running the unusual business of elf tourism and spiritual sessions. Their house is built around an elf stone, which is sacred to the wife Lara, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Summerland torrent reviews

Joseph K (es) wrote: loved it. it was soooooooooooo cute

Lori M (gb) wrote: Maybe not the best horror movie but enjoyable in a predictable kind of way. I guess a lot depends on what elements make up a good movie for an individual.

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Planet 51 is entertaining and adventurous. It is a pretty good movie with some brilliant voice talents. I would suggest this movie.

Ryan Gibbons (gb) wrote: Almost decent the plot is just so ridiculous. I watched it all the way through and It was better than most of the crap that they put on t.v on weekends. It's ridiculous but its one hell of a ride. One no name actor and a well known actor, they are both very bad in this movie, for some reason this movie is very appealing why I chose to watch it I have no idea. There's lines like " Elvis is dead man go buy some records" and I almost laughed at the corny line. They call the Chemical weapon Elvis or I think thats what it is, it's just blue slime. Chill Factor is one of the best worst actions I have seen.

Ccile D (us) wrote: Compltement rat, ennuyeux et mal racont.

David L (fr) wrote: A little bit of a more different role for Julia Roberts, compared to what I'm used to seeing her in anyway. Dropping the romantic comedy guise and replacing it with an unromantic stalker thriller was a refreshing change, but probably not one to leave a lasting memory of. Although she performed a very good part, you didn't get the best out of her here, and it wasn't the sort of plot which would emphasise her best asset, that massive smiling mouth of hers. I'd say it's probably a more female orientated film with the central heroine looking to overcome her battle with an abusive husband, also because it's mostly dialogue as opposed to being action packed. The villain was proper old school psycho, with his 70's look and dodgy tash, combined with an unnerving ability to be sweet and sinister at the click of a finger. It was proper cat and mouse stuff throughout, which was always going to come to a head at some point, and when it did ..... It was not really worth the wait. Alright so it was the ending most expected but the manner was far to quick, dull, and an injustice to the bad guy, who having acted out a great part, deserved a more memorable finale for his character. I thought this was going to be a tad better than it was, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it, as I found it very compelling. It just wasn't the classic I expected, given I'd heard of this film for quite some time. It's clever and coordinated without being thrilling or overly chilling, and with the ingredients at its disposal, I just feel they were not maximised to their full potential. Solid marks for a quality film, and one in the eye for domestic abusers, but could have been so much more had they injected a little more confrontation into the second half.

Sean (au) wrote: I thought it was great except for Mickey Rourke's lousy pseudobrogue. I can't understand why they couldn't get someone who is actually Irish to play an Irish guy. ...aside from that, I thought it was great.

Steve J (de) wrote: Ken Russell fans will get a kick out of this, all others just keep moving. If you hate Russell, this film won't change your mind. The scenes between Kathleen Turner and Anthony Perkins are lots of fun in spite of the amazingly corny dialogue. The parallel storyline concerning John Laughlin's troubled marriage to Annie Potts suffers from the fact that their performances are SEVERELY lacking, plus the fact that Russell himself seems far less interested in their bland domestic drama than he is in the mystery behind Turner's character (as are we, the audience). This is closer in spirit to a film like Showgirls than to one of Russell's better films. At the end of the day, this is simply a camp classic with lots of staggeringly over-the-top sex scenes and some TRULY laughable dialogue. Non-fans of Russell will dock a star or two from my rating, no doubt.

Gin S (au) wrote: Predictable and not very well written, but superbly acted!