Middle-aged Ohio secretary Jane Hudson has never found love and has nearly resigned herself to spending the rest of her life alone. But before she does, she uses her savings to finance a summer in romantic Venice, where she finally meets the man of her dreams, the elegant Renato Di Rossi. But when she learns that her new paramour is leading a double life, she must decide whether her happiness can come at the expense of others.

A lonely American woman unexpectedly finds romance in Venice, Italy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara C (it) wrote: Same as really think they should do stopped at the first one

Marguerite C (ag) wrote: o want to see this really bad and now I hope I have a chance

Omar A (ca) wrote: Una pelcula muy dramtica, con mucha carga cultural.Difcil de aceptar y de entender el estilo de vida de otras religiones.Muy recomendada para ver algo distinto y ajeno a nosotros.

Caroline C (br) wrote: I think this movie captured many things well, including the characters and their dilemmas - very good performances and a brave telling of an interesting story and perspectives....

Amber B (au) wrote: uneven, but Sayles has a way of maintaining interest regardless

Logan M (de) wrote: As inspired as it is unconventional, "Ghost Dog" is brilliant.

Darrin C (us) wrote: Pee-Wee still has it, though the rest of the cast was trying too hard and the script could've been a bit better worked.

Scott R (es) wrote: Worth it just for the afghan sports and Rambos ability to compete.

Art S (ag) wrote: Surely, the Devil has had a hand in this film, transmogrifying the otherwise thrilling occult subject matter into something so damned boring that your very soul is sucked out of you. Richard Widmark (as an occult writer) and Christopher Lee (as a defrocked priest and cult leader) seem to be sleepwalking through their parts and poor young Nastassja Kinski (the victim) has nothing to do. One of the final Hammer Horror films (putting the nail in) and not on a par with the excellent The Devil Rides Out (another Dennis Wheatley adaptation).

Logan M (kr) wrote: Jean Luc-Godard seems to think if you correlate number-tags to a woman's neck you can call yourself science-fiction; although it may not be the normative spaceship piloting fair, Alphaville is unique in its philosophical approach. William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, cites Escape from precinct 13 as an inspiration to his writings, a John Carpenter film, when a character mentions, paraphrased, "I flew over Normandy during the invasion", and by this single strip of contextual dialogue, it emits a time and place unrealized simply by exteriors; this is done often in Alphaville, as the time in which filmed does not permit the use of special-effects that we have today. Near the end of the third act the director positions aerial shots stationed on Lemmy backing out by way of a stolen car and zigzagging out of the parking lot, causing the whole scene to feel predetermined; above, a deity, spectating the intergalactic missions of Lenny. The stark black and white camerawork sets a somber mood, and the lengthy film, when pushed past its own pretensions, is also very interesting and engaging.

John H (ca) wrote: The gender politics haven't aged well, but the chemistry on display between Hepburn and Tracy make WOMAN OF THE YEAR a memorable battle of the sexes.

Mikko D (es) wrote: Cheesy but so adorable romantic drama. Surprising and unexpected turns makes this a memorable love story.

Lawrence D (br) wrote: Living in a poor life, now a wealthy life brings an epic to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance! Well done! Perfect Score!

ClaRita C (au) wrote: It's amazing how it's always the ones we feel sorry for that get crazy and arrogant once they find someone or something that's interested in them. It's a good thriller, the colourful scenery is pretty attractive!.