SUGHANDI ( Jarwo Kwat ), an ambitious public official maintains his tenure for the second time. All political enemies seem to have under control. He grabbed optimistic future, all means permitted. His wife, Nani ( Julia Perez ) eager to enjoy the role as wife number one. He always maintain fitness with handsome instructor landing Fahmi ( Agung Udijana ) who secretly fancied to be the male deposits. One day allegations of misconduct threatens the permanence of power SUGHANDI. At the suggestion of spiritual adviser, Ki Bolon, SUGHANDI dare do pocong oath to maintain the image and sustainability of power. Faithful assistant, Tatang ( Udji Tonky ) dengans swiftly brought the shroud. The problem shroud was owned by a citizen ( Aming ) who never want to be buried with sarong Tatang. Pocong ghost gloved it and then revenge. Not only in Tatang but also Nani and SUGHANDI

Sumpa is a story about a man who takes a vacation in laguna, where he met a mysterious lady who holds a secret to the curse that was put into the resthouse where he stayed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sumpa torrent reviews

Dessiree V (ca) wrote: It was a OK, but really didn't make any sence.

Boby K (jp) wrote: The worse movie ever...

Navin J (it) wrote: oh my lord - I am not sure what I just saw or why I just saw this, but it was a train wreck of a movie. Completely unprofessional and uncoordinated. Not even funny bad movie.

Jamie D (ca) wrote: I always watched when I was sick as a kid.. What is your sick movie?

Daniel M (fr) wrote: The movie's twist was really well done that truly surprised. The setting was great and the movie kept you second guessing yourself which I enjoyed. 4/5

James H (au) wrote: 61/100. I'll say one thing about this movie, the pace is amazing. Okay, so the plot is a little far fetched and over the top, but it moves along so briskly it never bores. The performances are decent, suspenseful plot, good score. There are some very intense scenes a few good surprises. Good effort.

Brad C (ag) wrote: Just like I thought. It was pretty shitty. But had to see it once to say I did. Much like my summer visit to Iowa.

Heather R (kr) wrote: Visually lush, intellectually vapid. Good fun.

Hector L (br) wrote: Real old school. Some of the scenes in the beginning are hard to see. Donnie Yen looks so young in this movie. Not a bad flick.

Michael K (mx) wrote: Serviceable actioner, but I have seen better films from Lundgren and Van Damme.

James H (nl) wrote: I am not a huge fan of Lassie movies, but the good production values boost this one up a few notches. The World War II slant on the film is an interesting twist. Good cast, Donald Crisp is very good. Of course Lassie is amazing as always.

Jeffery T (gb) wrote: Unless Timmy is stuck in a well I don't want to see it.