The favorite slave girl of a tyrannical sheik falls in love with a cloth merchant. Meanwhile, a hunchback clown suffers unrequited love for a traveling dancer who wants to join the harem.

The favorite slave girl of a tyrannical sheik falls in love with a cloth merchant. Meanwhile, a hunchback clown suffers unrequited love for a traveling dancer who wants to join the harem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (gb) wrote: I think its an okay film to see if your in a certain mood.. and it will leave you in a kind of empty solitude mood afterwards. but thats the type of drama it creates. some of the characters i found were abit pointless, the camille character doesnt seem to do anything but makes you wonder if the ashes shes soo obsessed over is maybe sumthin 2 do with did she loose a child herself? and the old guy i dunno what was with him!? but the main story of the girl who works in the dog pound is good, her acting was brilliant, and that part of the story touches you. it was like adles some like you song put into a film =] the main guy though who loves his lesbian roommate seemed abit shitty to me he looks lik edward norton who i dont like either but meh it was an okay f ilm not the best indie film ive seen. but i possibly would see it again... maybe... the music is the best thing about the film, matthew coopers soundtrack is lovely :) x

Trevor W (ru) wrote: An animated biographical film about a woman growing up during revolution in Iran. The simplistic animation keeps the focus on the story, and not the looks. Unfortunately the film doesn't quite succeed in influencing the audience to be against the continuous war; it's more like the war is there, always has been, and always will.

Iska H (kr) wrote: Yetim bled ne danisirsiz ?

Jen C (fr) wrote: this movie was hard to sit through. i was bored 30 minutes into it.

Dana B (fr) wrote: Watched it in Italian class in Rome, and I really enjoyed it! The girl is quite a good little actress...

Hans V (ca) wrote: A film about scientific observation and how it affects researcher and research subject alike set in 1950s rural Norway hardly sounds a promising scenario, but you have to try out Salmer fra kjkkenet / Kitchen Stories, which screened on Rialto Channel a few nights ago. It's the sort of movie Ingmar Bergman could have made if he had had a sense of humour instead of being the stereotypical dour Swede. It certainly had me on the floor with glee from the opening scene when a troop of identical looking caravan pulling cars cross the Norway-Sweden border where they had to change driving lanes (Sweden drove on the left of the road in the 1950s, while Norway did not) and one of the drivers was physically unwell from having to drive on the "wrong" side of the road. All part of a whole host of digs Scandinavians make at each other, like any neighbouring nationalities do, but it never turned malicious. The Swedish researchers going to observe Norwegian bachelor peasants in their ergonomic use of their kitchens had me slightly squirming in my seat, because it so horribly illustrated bad sociological or psychological research, where observers think they can just watch their subjects go about their lives without actually influencing the situation or behaviour. If it all sounds unpromising or esoteric as a comedy film, don't be disheartened, but try to catch it next time it's on. Scandinavian humour is very droll.

Angelique N (br) wrote: As long as Jessica Alba is in, it will be in my collection.

Nayme C (de) wrote: One of the greatest documentaries ever made.

Michael M (ca) wrote: You've gotta love the 80's and it's nice when you still discover unseen gems like this movie 37 years later.

Andrew M (ca) wrote: An excellent kung-fu film!

dean h (es) wrote: very funny family movie... part 2 is just as good as the first ...

Mireille B (ca) wrote: I have seen the movie in Spanish with Portuguese subtitles (which I don't read or speak), and although I do know some Spanish, I didn't understood everything. But I still can say that it was a great film involving Cuban politics and a man looking for his own place in this new revolution. It was strong, moving and shows a lot of depth. I hope to watch it again with either English or French subtitles!

Veniea T (it) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Bill B (nl) wrote: Finally got around to checking this one out: It's an interesting look at interpersonal relations between three close friends, told over the course of a few decades.Worth tracking down, give it a rental.

Gail R (it) wrote: Ronald Reagan got it! This is by far the best acting I've seen from him. The story is so interesting in it's portrayal of small-town life... well maybe all human life. The "stuff" of life does not paly out like hollywood dictates. Life is not a well-planned, intrcately laid out map. Rather it is quite haphazard and sort of just "happens". So it is in this movie. The characters relate to one another much in the same way we did and still do. This move does well to tell our story. The development of Paris into a practitioner of the newly minted "science" of Psychiatry is a parallell of every one's experience. Someone became successfull, returned to Podunk and was instrumental in bringing Podunk up, improving the lot of every Podunkian, not necessarilly in a monetary sense, but more in the ability to relate and love. Great MOVIE!

Stuart L (ag) wrote: Finally the conclusion to the night at the museum franchise has come and how is it you may ask well it's ok Ben stiller is still funny in his role but I found his son just annoying I also didn't like the double stiller in this movie the plot isn't the most interesting but the kiddies should enjoy it also robin Williams is great and the action scenes are fun although all CGI I would just like to note that the great Ben Kingsley is in this movie for a short amount of time so overall it's ok some characters are annoying but the last 10-15 minutes of the movie are really good so overall it's a fun time for kids and adults won't hate it it's a nice family movie so if you have kids who don't get scared to easily check it out.