Sun, Sand & Romance

Sun, Sand & Romance

Kate is a driven publishing exec visiting a summer resort with her boyfriend Eric. There she runs into Shep, an old high school friend and fellow camp counsellor, who is now the Activities Director. Shep tries to convince her to take advantage of all the resort has to offer. She reluctantly caves when Eric is pulled away on business. As carefree Shep helps Kate rediscover her fun side; Kate helps Shep to stop hiding from life and realize his own potential. In the end Kate must make a choice.

Kate (Helfer)| a driven accounting executive| heads to Cancun with her boyfriend Eric| an equally ambitious land development executive| for some much-needed rest and
relaxation. But the getaway they agreed would be 90 percent romance and just 10 percent work becomes anything but that. Upon arrival| Eric learns a prominent real
estate developer is a guest in their resort. Wanting to seize the opportunity for potential business| Eric chases this new venture and leaves Kate to her own devices
time and again. Luckily| Shep (Campbell)| the resort's activities director| is an old friend of Kate's from her camp counselor days and more than willing to help
fill her solo hours with fun and adventure. As the old friends spend more time together and reconnect| Kate is reminded of dreams she used to have and finds herself
wondering if it's time to change course. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert J (kr) wrote: Saw this at Traverse City Film Fest. Director Heather Courtney was on hand to tell about this powerful and thought-provoking story of how war nearly destroys the spirits of several Michigan friends who all joined the National Guard together.....and were sent to Afghanistan. The director followed with her camera.

Jason B (gb) wrote: Songs were funny and made the movie. The ending sucked, but it does produce a few giggles. Worth a look.

Jen S (ru) wrote: Its a good way to show ppl how heavy virtual life can spoil our lives. I felt like never using internet and cellphone again !!! Depressing....and I really enjoyed the mouth noise videos. hahaha. :)

Mike T (mx) wrote: This independent catastrophe falters in every area that we grade films on. Boring, pointless and entirely unnecessary, this one would have been just as well off if it were nonexistent. Stupidly directed, atrociously penned and acted with the simplicity of jr. high drama students.

Jessie V (es) wrote: okay, i'll admit it...i think i've seen this more than a dozen times...

Marcus W (es) wrote: In which the brothers find themselves in a sanctuary for freaks. Belial falls in love, while Duane goes insane.

Steen T (fr) wrote: Wildly implausible story of a dedicated detective who hunts a serial killer. The plot stumbles along with scene to scene transitions that make little sense and the ending is idiotic, but James Woods' usual manic performance makes it watchable.

Bill B (fr) wrote: A very middle of the road slasher flick, but still enjoyable if you like stuff from the heyday of the genre. Kids begin turning up dead when a young woman returns from the military for her sibling's graduation, leaving us to wonder what all the connections are between the victims.It's nothing great, but an okay time-waster for a boring afternoon.

Lori W (fr) wrote: This one is awesome...kicks booty..

Linda C (nl) wrote: Funny, great acting, and a an awesome commentary on how we treat and view our older adults.

Eric P (ca) wrote: it may not be good in a traditional sense, but man is it fun!

Colleen H (fr) wrote: A little dated, but very strong performances from all involved. Especially impressed with Dean Martin! The (at the time) cutting edge title graphics are kind of hilarious now, but they probably blew people away back then. And Vincente Minnelli directed? Who knew?

Pedro D (es) wrote: Its so funny to see it now...

Hunter B (au) wrote: An undeniably beautiful film. Fantastic acting, great cinematography, and sharp humor. This is the only film that rivaled Hugo in 2011. A must see for film buffs.

Denislav R (us) wrote: The acting is good and the action is really fun. And I liked the movie... and now I hate myself. This isn't Kingslglaive. This isn't a movie I'll defend in any way. It wasn't good. But it sure as hell was fun (in my opinion). It has no rewatch value. I probably won't even think about rewatching it for the next half an year. But I enjoyed it.

Manu G (au) wrote: Manipulation and Second Chance in Life.Very good Film! Movies related to lawyers and court rooms are usually engaging and "The Trials of Cate McCall" is no exception, with a good story of manipulation and second chance in life with many twists. Once again Kate Beckinsale proves that is not only gorgeous, but also a great actress with a wonderful performance. The plot and characters are well developed and the plot point surprises.In California, Cate McCall is an alcoholic lawyer that was put on probation and rehab. She had an argument with a judge that sent her to the Breathalyzer test and the bar put her on probation in a small office. Cate is also fighting to recover custody of her daughter that lives with her father that is moving to Seattle. Cate is assigned to defend Lacey Stubbs, who has appealed claiming that she had been wrongly accused of murdering another woman since there was a trial error. Further, Lacey also tells that she was raped by a guard in the prison. Cate, who has never lost a case, investigates the case with his friend Bridges and they find evidences that might prove that Lacey is innocent and her case is fabricated. But is she really not guilty?