Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei

Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Oriya
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Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei torrent reviews

Rayane E (es) wrote: Beautiful heartwarming funny and inspiring

Lora R (es) wrote: This movie cannot beat Band Baaja Baaraat, but it is nonetheless enjoyable.I just love Ranveer and Anushka together; they have such a great chemistry.The story is fun and very entertaining, but it has some cliche moments which were predictable. The end seemed good, then they screwed it up with the too cheesy "apology" part from Ricky. The ending could have been way better and I would have given it a higher rating as well.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Although I maintained low expectations about Death Race 2, as the first one was such a fun guilty pleasure I figured it couldn't be too difficult to get a sequel wrong even if ti was direct-to-DVD.The thing that frustrated me about Death Race 2 was the fact that despite its title and what Paul W.S. Anderson's Death Race was about, the focus the film was not on car chases. Instead, Tony Giglio wrote a much cheaper angle into the screenplay and made it all about cage fighting. There is a certain level of fun to be had in a film about that concept, but considering that the film boasts the name Death Race, it is misleading. The film eventually made up for it, but the fact is that there was not enough Death Racing in the film to really justify calling it Death Race. It works as a way to moderate the budget and certainly comes off as a guilty pleasure in a certain regard, but Death Race 2 comes up short on the racing front which is ultimately its downfall.The premise in Death Race 2 is a fairly familiar one. Anyone who has seen any film where prisoners have to fight each other to the death are not in for many surprises in Death Race 2. Despite being named Death Race 2, it is actually a prequel, so the film suffers the same title fate that Missing in Action 2: The Beginning did. But as far as Direct-to-DVD prequels go, Death Race 2 is actually not too bad. There was never a chance of it living up to the standard of Death Race 2000 because that is a cult classic that no other Death Race film will ever beat, and it wouldn't beat Death Race because that was a surprisingly fun Jason Statham action vehicle. But for the low standard of direct-to-DVD action films, Death Race 2 is actually a somewhat decent one. The thing is that the film takes its story very seriously and in the process it goes through all kinds of cliches in the process. It fails to transcend its predictable nature or bring much in the way of creativity. When the film focuses on its cage fighting moments, there is a certain creativity brought in by the way that the film incorporates elements of weaponry in though. But still, the cage fighting is not as fun as it could be because the choreography is a bit too tame. For a film which features Luke Goss who has the ability to pack a punch and Robin Shou who showcased his abilities in the Mortal Kombat films, the one on one combat in Death Race 2 is really not up to a great standard. It drags the fun of the film down a bit without maintaining the kind of fun that it could have had if someone like Jean-Claude Van Damme was on board for it. But the point of the film is to focus on the Death Races themselves rather than the cage fighting, and when they do finally become present the film picks up a bit.The racing scenes in the film aren't perfect, but for a $7 million direct-to-DVD film they were actually higher in quality than I was expecting. The cinematography is still somewhat shaky and the editing is a bit quick, but the choreography for them is actually not that bad. It is not any high standard material, but it is far beyond the standard that has been set by films of the production values that Death Race 2 maintains. The production values in general are actually decent considering the film's low budget because the setting feels rather legitimate which gives it a certain edge. Viewers with a very low standard of expectations for Death Race 2 who are die hard fans of Death Race are likely to get a kick out of the film because it isn't that bad, surprisingly enough. If there was more of them then perhaps the film could have been better, but that isn't exactly the problem. The racing scenes in Death Race 2 are just like the ones from the first Death Race, only not as creative or well choreographed. So what viewers get to see in Death Race 2 are practically just witnessing a rehash of prison films and the first Death Race film in the same set which means that it is lacking in originality. Death Race 2 is not a film with really any surprises to it since it goes along a fairly basic path with a lot of repetition and minimal creativity. The story in Death Race 2 fails to come up with any interesting plot points and there is not enough action in the film, but rather a collection of tedious melodrama surrounding the characters which is never really interesting because if people are watching Death Race 2 for the sake of the characters then clearly they are very misguided.The cast really don't make much of a change on that which is a shame considering that Death Race 2 features performances from popular B-movie stars Danny Trejo and Ving Rhames in the film. Of the two of them, Danny Trejo makes more of an impact simply because he plays on his status as a prisoner of many films really easily and brings along a sense of support for the protagonist. If he got in on the action a bit more then Death Race 2 would have been better, but viewers just have to make do with his small appearance in the film. Fans of Sean Bean may also enjoy the film considering the fact that it came from the year before he began starring on HBO's critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones.So Death Race 2 is just a rehash of the Paul W.S. Anderson's Death Race film and other prison movies which means it is short on value, but for a low budget direct-to-DVD prequel it manages to doll out some decent moments.

Animesh A (de) wrote: This is currently my number one movie in my list. It is an amazing movie, not for people who love action or adventure but for people who like mystery and psychological thrillers

Randy S (it) wrote: You will never see another movie like this. Truly innovative with the quad screen.

Casey S (mx) wrote: One of me favorite movies, love the story, the actors, the music, and everything in between!!

Maa A (jp) wrote: The greatest film I've ever seen.

Zach W (nl) wrote: I wish I could have been an actor in this film. Such awsome Troma magic burnin' brightly in my mind.

Justin B (ca) wrote: Creative and wacky but convoluted scifi yarn starring the poor man's Jeff Bridges.

chris b (gb) wrote: I dont understand the negativity that follows this movie around like a bad smell, it does what it was supposed to do in an 80s star wars rip off way. it's entertaining and not a bad way to spend a couple of hours and yes the story is far fetched, and yes some of the acting is bad but when I watch it I honestly feel like a kid again and that's priceless. nostalgic sillyness and I love it

Joseph B (es) wrote: Philip D'Antoni directs "The Seven-Ups," about a plainsclothes police unit that uses unorthodox methods to convict criminals who usually see imprisonment of more than seven years. D'Antoni was responsible for producing "Bullitt" and "The French Connection" and this time he directs. D'Antoni does an amazing job behind the camera and the film often times look like "The French Connection" in its gritty portrayal of New York City and police work.Roy Schieder plays Buddy Manucci, who looks so rough that he could be mistaken for a cop and not a movie star. He commands the role with the smarts and instincts his character needs. He is calm when he needs to be and tough when he needs to be.The story revolves around kidnappings of mob bosses for ransom by two men possing as policemen. When the Seven-Ups come across a mob meeting to discuss what's happening, they lose one of their own men.Just like in D'Antoni's previous films, there is a car chase that is just as exciting as the last two films. A great police drama that is full of twists and turns and quite a clever story.


Maxwell S (ca) wrote: This is a film, that does what other films can rarely do, NOT avoid the inevitable. Not to say all films that can't be masterpieces, but just that, this film can be a masterpiece while doing so. The film has the definitive first half inhale, and second half exhale. During the inhale, is where the director's artistic ability can meander. And boy does it inhale a lot. Most people won't notice how overwhelming it is, but it is only a master that can subtly overwhelm THIS much. I've rarely ever seen such a great focus on a main character, I mean, her mood and thoughts completely speak for the scene, yet there is such a complete awareness of the lives of others, and life itself. There are such great complexities that we constantly try to grasp, yet there is a beautiful simplicity equally present. We all dwell in each moment, yet it still progresses through gently. Needless to say, it's overwhelming. Most instantly notable is the beautiful color and composition used in every shot, which is a great reason why it's made it's way to the criterion collection. Douglas Sirk has made a masterpiece reflecting life greater than nearly every other film I've seen, and also makes it's love for film ever so present as well. Highly recommended for non-jaded filmgoers.

Dinesh P (es) wrote: A different setting for romantic comedy and it works. A british government fisheries officer is put on to an absurd situation by the publicity seeking pm's press relation officer of breeding Salmon in Yemen for a Sheikh on request by consultant ( Emily Blunt). What forms the later part of the story is very uncanny romance and friendship between Sheikh and Fisheries expert. ( Ewan Mcgreror). A sweet and quirky film. But A must watch.